Communities come together against crime on National Night Out

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HICKORY HILL, Tenn. -- National Night Out brings people in neighborhoods across the Mid-South outside at night to show a united force against crime.

Porch lights went on and neighbors came out on Tuesday to curb crime in their community.

Henry Hale lives in the Ashton Oaks neighborhood and is the head of the neighborhood watch.

Hale has hosted National Night Out cookouts in his front yard for the last four years.

"Well it's important because it gets the neighbors that probably don't even know their next door neighbors. They get a chance to talk to them and fellowship and learn who they are," Hale said.

Police in the area agreed that is the point of the nationwide effort: to get neighbors familiar with one another and help be on the look out when crime hits their community.

"Well you know crime is rapid right now in the city.  So anything that you do it benefits to help fight.  There are only so many things that can be done to help fight crime," Hale said.

National Night Out started at 6 p.m.