Changes in Tennessee’s parental custody laws

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New changes to Tennessee’s Parental Bill of Rights affect any parent who shares custody of a child with their ex-husband or wife.

It’s especially crucial to understand these changes now that school has started for many families. Family law attorney Justin Thomas joined us on Live at 9 to explain.

Changes to the law in Tennessee essentially gives equal rights to both parents, no matter which is the primary custodial parent.

The change is designed to enable co-parenting, so both parents can be involved in their child’s life.

Now non-custodial parents can access school records or just visit their child at school.

Before the change, there was confusion about whether non-custodial parents were allowed either.

The custodial parent needs to ensure the school knows about the non-custodial parent, and must also give the non-custodial parent notice of things like extracurricular activities.

As with anything else, there are exceptions. Those are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Thomas is with Thomas Family Law, which is located at 6263 Poplar Ave., Suite 900. You can reach them at (901) 537-0010.


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