Worker killed when mower lands on top of him

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A Shelby County employee was killed on the job Monday.

Sheriff’s deputies tell WREG 29-year-old Pierre Davis was crushed by a lawn mower in Raleigh at the corner of St. Elmo and New Brownsville Road.

His mother screamed in heartache, “My baby gone. He’s my only son.”

She collapsed into family members arms when she learned the news.

She said, “He was a family man. All he did was work and take care of his family.”

Deputies say Davis was crushed by this tractor just after 10 o’clock Monday while mowing a steep ditch just off New Brownsville Road.

Chip Washington with SCSO said, “This is a freak accident. It lost balance and control, and when it tipped over, it tipped over on him.”

Washington said co-workers found him in the ditch and called for help. Davis was dead when emergency crews arrived.

He worked for the county eight years, and was recently named to the Roads and Bridges Bureau.

Washington said, “As always, our hearts and prayers go out to his colleagues who are taking this pretty hard, and his family.”

Pierre Davis leaves behind a wife, two sons and eight sisters.

His mother says he just got married last month. Now they have to plan a funeral.

His mother cried, “Lord give mercy, I can’t believe it.”


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