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Tennessee doctor quarantines himself after possible exposure to Ebola

Ebola Outbreak Map

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. — A retired doctor from the United States has quarantined himself in his East Tennessee home.

Alan Jamison, 69, recently returned from working with Ebola patients in West Africa.

So far, Jamison said he has had no symptoms.

He did want to be cautious and plans to stay inside his Morristown home for 21 days, the incubation period for the disease.

Jamison’s last contact with an Ebola patient was two weeks ago in the same Liberian hospital where Dr. Kent Brantly contracted the virus.

Brantly is currently being treated in Atlanta.

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  • Who That Say Who That???

    They really shouldn’t have brought those people infected back to the U.S. Why not fly the needed supply to them?


    Well… according to the director of CDC and I quote “Its not contagious”…. note the sarcasm…

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