Six school districts make history in Shelby County

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Although some superintendents said they had more students than expected, the first day of got off to a good start.

Six brand new school districts are making history after years of debate. Parents and school district leaders think these new changes will benefit the community.

Wanda Banks just moved to Bartlett and hopes for a fresh start for her children in the new district.

“I'm excited. He's excited. He likes going to school. She loves going to school. I just want them to get a good education,” she said.

Bartlett is the biggest of the new districts and expects about 84hundred students this year.

It's teaming up with Arlington, Collierville, Lakeland, Germantown, and Millington to make sure everything runs smoothly.

"I think it's going to be great for all of Shelby County. All of these great Municipal school systems. It's going to create a lot of friendly competition between all the other schools because everybody wants to make sure their students are getting everything they need.,” said David Stephens, superintendent of Bartlett Schools.

Everything seemed to move pretty smoothly Monday morning, and the teachers engaged with their new students, something parents like Banks are glad to hear.

"They wanted to know what his weaknesses was, what his strengths was, they were more concerned about his learning and what he needed,” she said.

The districts are sharing the costs for some of their services, like payroll, to save them money. They also working together on a bus contract with Durham School Services.


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