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SCS prepared for possible back-to-school problems

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Class is back in session for thousands of students in the Shelby County school system and the six new municipal school districts.

However, the day didn't go as smoothly as some hoped. WREG received several emails from parents about problems encountered on the first day back.

Overall, Shelby County Schools say there were no big surprises.

There are some changes and some things staying the same this year for SCS. The district says there is a new resource for parents and returning students to help them start the new year.

Some students showed up at A B Hill Elementary School with their own clear backpacks, but all students will get the option to carry the see-through bags .

At least seven elementary schools are taking part in the pilot program to keep students safe at school. Parents we talked to were just learning about it, but like the idea.

Latoya Watkins said, "That's great. They can see anything in their backpacks . I mean, no weapons, no drugs, no anything."

It's just one of the new programs this year. Monday morning, kids at the Maxine Smith Steam Academy enjoyed a free breakfast. This year, students at every school get free breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

School board member Chris Caldwell said, "I think on so many levels, it's great for all the children, and studies have shown that they need to have a full stomach so they can concentrate and do well in school."

He and Superintendent Dorsey Hopson welcomed kids to a brand new science, technology, arts and math middle school. Hopson also visited a number of schools to make sure everything was running smoothly.

"So far, so good," he said. "We've been hearing reports, no major issues, so we hope to have a great day and better school year."

He added the district learned from all the problems last year and set up a customer service center to deal with back to school issues. He wants to make sure parents questions are answered as quickly as possible.

To report an issue, parents can go to the district's website and click on the SCS TroublerShooter button. For a link click here.