Restaurant gives discount for praying in public

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Photo courtesy of Z88.3 Orlando

WINSTON-SALEM, NC. — If you’re seen praying in one North Carolina restaurant, you may be blessed with a 15% discount.

Employees at Mary’s Gourmet Diner are allowed to give the discount to customers who take a moment to say thanks before they eat.

Owner Mary Haglund told she is not pushing any particular religion, or religion at all.

Haglund said it is simply about taking time to be thankful, “It’s not a policy and we do it very randomly.”

The discount is not advertised, and they don’t tell customers ahead of time.

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    • obbop

      I will join you eating elsewhere for general principles. Of course the firm can do that discount thing but I have the right to “vote with my dollars” and support a firm not rewarding at random folks performing religious rituals inside that eating joint.

      • hugh jazzol

        i know the christian taliban will support this but that’s their right, just as mine is to not eat where people are making a spectacle of themselves to show every one how holy they are, wonder how they’d react if some one said a non christian prayer?

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