Problems at White Station High on first day of school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Some White Station High School parents are furious, because their students spent their first day of school standing in line instead of sitting in class.

There was one day for students to register last week, and many think that's not enough time.

Parents struggled with everything from their kids' class schedules to uniform rules.

While some hiccups are to be expected on the first day back, students and parents told WREG it has never been this bad.

To say Angie Hill, mom to two White Station students, was mad, would be an understatement. She claims the school posted a different version of the dress code last minute, and pulled her kids from class for not meeting it.

"My freshman, they allowed to finally go back to class, because they had a shirt she could wear. Oh, and by the way, I can purchase it for $10 if I want," Hill said, fuming. "I already bought her school clothes."

SCS said they posted a new dress code that clarified the old one, but did not make any changes.

As for a line of parents who were still trying to register their kids halfway through the first day of school, SCS said that's normal, too.

Parents had one day to register their kids last week. Those who did not had to come stand in line today. Many say it's not enough time.

Even some who preregistered had problems.

One woman said, "The parent I was talking to said, 'We did it. I was up here Tuesday.' They've lost hers."

Some students are blaming the issues on the merger.

Twelfth-grader Jemirria Carruthers said, "With the merge, everything just went crazy. We don't know if we have uniforms or not. We don't know if we have the same districts. The districts changed."

Some students, like eleventh-grader Dylan Creagh who had to wait in line, said their education is already suffering, because of it.

"Everybody else already knows the teacher, and I'm behind," he said.


  • sueq

    My son was told he had a schedule but not a homeroom teacher and was told to call me. I had to stand in line for over an hour just because one of the women at registration did not collect the pre-registration form from me like she was supposed to. Those parents standing outside today weren’t out there because they did not register their kids, they were out there because a faculty member screwed up at registration! The exact same thing happened to us last year.

  • Laine Agee

    If the people who complained about waiting so long to register at White Station had come on registration day, last Tuesday, they would have been in and out in 15-20 minutes. There were 100 teachers, administrators and office workers helping with registration. All the teachers who worked for 12 hours at registration, were teaching classes today, so there were only about 5 people there to help.

    • Spartan Alumni

      I disagree, there was some structure to the registration process, but it wasn’t contingency plans for different scenarios that took place. Some parents process was longer due to unplanned events.

  • Mama Sherry

    SCS did not change their dress code. They had offered the schools the option to make changes but the rules to authorize/approve the changes were much more stringent than the schools realized. WSHS posted the more relaxed dress code in July and that was the last time many parents checked the site. The day before registration, WSHS rescinded the revised dress code, SCS advised “While there is a noted revision on the Student Dress Code Policy, #16021, that revision did not impact dress codes for this school year. Last summer, prior to the merger, the Board voted to allow schools to petition their current dress code and seek modifications at approval of the superintendent. Schools were notified of the process prior to the start of 2013-14 school year. It was at principal and parents discretion to seek modifications to their individual dress code. Only two schools completed the process to completely modify dress codes; unfortunately, White Station was not one of those schools. That is why the changes the school posted were voided.”

  • javocado

    I’m calling bull$ht on this. I preregistered my daughter online the week before registration. on the day of registration with correct documentation we were there maybe 15 minutes total. Today we arrived at 7am and she was in her class by 715am. the revised dress code has been posted online for several weeks now. and honestly it has not changed drastically. barring just moving here why were they not at registration last week? there was a morning and evening time. I am a single working mom and still managed to get it done.

    • Lindah Sutton

      Good for you. You smug know-it-alls with your lives totally in place slay me. If you had had some sort of problem, you’d be bellowing how the system was messed up as well.

      • javocado

        Let’s see…smug know it all=follows the rules plainly outlined. im ok with that, Lindah. you know how to avoid problems, do your homework as a parent. the information is there if you pay attention.

  • Ralph Noyes

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Memphis will continue to have these miseries until people are hired and promoted on the basis of merit and ONLY merit.

  • javocado

    Twelfth-grader Jemirria Carruthers said, “With the merge, everything just went crazy. We don’t know if we have uniforms or not. We don’t know if we have the same districts. The districts changed.” Everything did not go crazy, Jemirria. If you had been at registration then you would have received your handbook which clearly outlines the school uniform. Try again. You have had all summer to determine your district if you were in doubt. Ignorance is not a viable defense.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Just to set the record straight, there was no merger. The city of Memphis surrendered its charter and dumped the whole mess on Shelby County. They had a short time to work out the problems. I think they are doing a great job for what they had been dumped with.

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

      Midtownmike I see you made bail on th e flashing charge. Jemmeria SAID nothing indicating this so called entitlement you speak of take your racist coward arse elsewhere.

  • Ms.KidsFirst

    On Tuesday(July 29) registration there was also poorly coordinated. It could be because the Assistant Principal Ms.Carrye Holland who handled registration is a joke!!! The way she handled registration& the way she spoke to the parents was PITIFUL!!!!! This poor excuse for an administrator has ZERO professionalism skills. There’s a reason White Station High school was the ONLY school out of 229 County & Charter Schools that was” picked” for this headline story. If you start at the top..there lies the problem.

    • Mama Sherry

      ? You’re kidding, right ? Registration day was the best it’s every been. It was organized and, with my proper documentation and pre-registration in hand, I was done in 15 minutes. I have spoken with the very overworked Ms. Holland on several occasions last year and this year. I was at the school at 7 a,m, this morning to meet with her about a scheduling problem. In spite of the hour and the growing line of late registrants, she took the time to help me and my child. She has NEVER spoken to me or anyone else in my presence in anything other than a professional manner. ‘Kidsfirst’? I hope they do not pick up on your attitude.

    • Alexus

      Ma’am Do You know what you’re talking about? I just graduated from White Station and EVERY year my mom completed preregistration in 30 minutes TOPS! I was ALWAYS in class at 7:00. Ms. Holland is a wonderful administrator, and if there was an issue, She corrected it the best she could. She worked with EVERY student individually. Do you know how many students there are!? Thats a huge achievement. The REASON White Station is such a great school is because of Teachers like Ms.fisher and Administrators like Ms. Holland. Handle business before hand and there will be no issues. I was taught that by “the poor excuse of an administrator”. Stop crying over every little inconvenience that you encounter. Thank you

  • Carrye Holland

    Ms. Kids First, You are the first and only person who has said anything negative about Tuesday’s registration. All of the comments have been completely positive. I invite you to come and share your suggestions for improvement in person. I welcome any and all suggestions for improvement. I also welcome constructive feedback (critical or otherwise) about our school rather than negative comments on a news site.

    • Proud2BGranny

      Ms. Carrye Holland, you should be ashamed to even show your face after commenting on a post that a parent made on this site. If they took the time to post, then they obviously had a problem. Not every parents situation on registration day (not the first day of school) was a positive one! This clearly shows the vindictive nature you have so clearly been characterized as by your prior students. I was one of the parents in line on registration day and I witnessed your behavior to a parent who was there to register her child. Not only were u rude and obnoxious, but u spoke to her in a very nasty manner and then proceeded to talk about her to the person next to u. I wondered at that time what type of individual u were to carry on that way in the presence of others and the type of example u were setting for our young people. Parents should indeed do their part in molding and teaching their children and should never leave that process up to the schools; but to teach your child and then have him/her witness an administrator acting in such a juvenile manner as u did on registration day is clearly unacceptable in my book. U may be a good person and I’ll even go farther to say that the work you’re doing in the school system may be commendable, but clearly it was not displayed that day. Like my granny used to say, it’s one thing for a person to think you’re uncouth, ill-mannered and rude, but don’t open your mouth and take out all the guess work. You’re an administrator so act like it!

      • Traveling Teacher

        Well said! There are many districts nationwide that write into their contracts that STAFF are not to engage anyone on a public website. It was written into the language in my contracts and I agree. At no time is this acceptable…even if the complainant was misinformed.

        Ms. Holland, you could have easily found out who she was, called her and apologized (even if you felt that you did nothing wrong), and attempted to make her a partner for your school (rather than an enemy). Now, there are others who will question your judgement because of what you posted. The very same thing happened to one of my former colleagues (on a blog and on the front page of a city newspaper). He handled it very professionally, primarily because if he had addressed it publicly, he definitely would have been fired.

        I know that you have a lot on your plate, that you can’t please everyone, and that the general public can’t even conceive the amount of work that you and every other administrator put into starting up a school year, working with master boards, and student scheduling; but, you can’t let negative comments drive you to bickering with YOUR parents on a public site or in front of an audience…this is your livelihood. YOUR job is beyond stressful, which is why I don’t want it for all the pay in the world. This is just a hiccup and I will keep you in my prayers. You WILL have a great school year. God Bless.

  • CindaB

    WSHS registration took me less time this year than ANY prior year. I personally graduted from there and my daughter has attended for the past 11 years. There was nothing wrong with the registration process…IF YOU WENT. It took me maybe 15 minuntes. That’s all! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined registration taking less than an hour, ever, for a public school. WSHS, pulled it off without a hitch. Oh, and her schedule was fine, no problems first day of school. Sure, I had a busy day that day, but if anything, this was the easiest part of it. Kudos to the staff and administration on a job well done! THANK YOU

  • Monique Fisher

    I was one of the teachers who worked registration last week. Not only were there over 100 teachers and administrators registering students, but there were parent volunteers, too. Most parents were in and out in fifteen minutes or less, and we had lulls in the day where we were actually caught up. Sunday, these same parents, faculty, administration, and even students were up here cleaning up the school on our own time because we take the phrase “Spartan Pride” seriously. Those who had to wait in line Monday did so by their own choice. Monday is a school day; teachers have to be in the class teaching students whose parents took care of their responsibilities ahead of time. It is unfortunate anyone had to be inconvenienced, but he or she made that choice by registering late.

    • Traveling Teacher

      Monique (and others), there are two sides to every story. I, too, worked registration on my campus, but not every parent registered late because they were just being lazy. There are extenuating circumstances that may have taken place…jobs, lack of transportation, childcare, eldercare, etc. Having taught in other states, the process is dated (as in 1990’s dated) AND while changing this process is above the pay grade of either one of us or our poor principals, the parents are not always to blame.

      • Gabestersmom

        Registration was from 8am to 8 pm. I’m sure those parents didn’t work that long as they were able to “get off work” today. Also, online registration was available too. These people thought they could kill two birds with one stone..they probably thought instead of getting up and going twice to the school, they’d just do it all on the first day…well wait in line and don’t complain

      • MissTee

        Extenuating circumstances do happen. However, you can’t expect everyone to just drop everything, leave all the classrooms, and come register people who were late.

  • Don

    Its sounds to me the SCS has hired a lot of people that ruined MCS. Get rid of them and there wouldn’t have any problems. You get what you pay for.

  • Angie

    I pre-registered and attended registration Tuesday, with no problems. I dropped my child off yesterday morning and received a call from him shortly thereafter stating that he was not registered and that I needed to come up there. I grabbed my paperwork and went up to the school. I was one of the MANY parents in line, that were in the same situation. We had all pre-registered and attended registration on Tuesday. Yes, there were some that had not registered yet, but the majority of us were standing around with our documentation not believing this ridiculousness. I even asked an employee what was going on and the administration thought we had all just failed to register. They didn’t even realize there was a problem! I was then told that I had to wait in this line, that was not moving by the way, to fill out paperwork that I had already filled out! My child and I passed the line, went to the principal’s office, gave them our pre-registration paperwork, and he had a schedule and went to class within minutes. The schedule was wrong, which we’re used to, but that’s an easy fix. Apparently if you were not asked to turn in your pre-registration paperwork last Tuesday, it’s like you never registered at all, and that is a big problem that someone needs to address.

  • MikeBarret

    Administrators posting on here, please remember it can come back to bite you. Parents posting here, please remember whatever you post, your kids will be hearing about it at school. Use a nickname…

  • Blake Wiseman

    White Station is literally the most unorganized school on the planet and I’m so glad that I graduated in May. WSHS is just plain horrible, and most of the teachers could’t care less about the students because their too caught up in their social lives.

    • Missus Anyonmous

      A Lot of this isnt the schools fault. Preregistration is a thing, you are not required to go to the school for its registration date. If as a parent you didnt take the priority to do so, you should not be able to complain. In the cases where the school “lost” forms it isnt on the parent, obviously. The fact they allow people to register during the school day should be viewed highly, since you didnt choose to take priority of you students education to do so and the system still gives you the ability to anyway, even if means waiting in a line.

      • Traveling Teacher

        “Allow’ is a strong word. The school district receives federal funding…they don’t have a choice.

  • redblur63

    @Blake Wiseman, as the parent of one of your classmates, I think it’s sad that after going to Grahamwood, WSMS, AND WSHS that you can neither spell nor use contractions correctly. You had excellent teachers and the best possible public education environment in the city. Shame on you.

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