Problems at White Station High on first day of school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some White Station High School parents are furious, because their students spent their first day of school standing in line instead of sitting in class.

There was one day for students to register last week, and many think that’s not enough time.

Parents struggled with everything from their kids’ class schedules to uniform rules.

While some hiccups are to be expected on the first day back, students and parents told WREG it has never been this bad.

To say Angie Hill, mom to two White Station students, was mad, would be an understatement. She claims the school posted a different version of the dress code last minute, and pulled her kids from class for not meeting it.

“My freshman, they allowed to finally go back to class, because they had a shirt she could wear. Oh, and by the way, I can purchase it for $10 if I want,” Hill said, fuming. “I already bought her school clothes.”

SCS said they posted a new dress code that clarified the old one, but did not make any changes.

As for a line of parents who were still trying to register their kids halfway through the first day of school, SCS said that’s normal, too.

Parents had one day to register their kids last week. Those who did not had to come stand in line today. Many say it’s not enough time.

Even some who preregistered had problems.

One woman said, “The parent I was talking to said, ‘We did it. I was up here Tuesday.’ They’ve lost hers.”

Some students are blaming the issues on the merger.

Twelfth-grader Jemirria Carruthers said, “With the merge, everything just went crazy. We don’t know if we have uniforms or not. We don’t know if we have the same districts. The districts changed.”

Some students, like eleventh-grader Dylan Creagh who had to wait in line, said their education is already suffering, because of it.

“Everybody else already knows the teacher, and I’m behind,” he said.


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