First degree murder charge in death of 4-year-old

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ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. -- The disturbing death of a 4-year-old boy from McNairy County caused charges to escalate from child abuse to murder.

Sheriff's deputies said Anthony Dilworth abused his own son.

Dilworth's girlfriend, Kyrie Kyle, was also charged with aggravated child abuse.

Deputies announced Monday it's believed Kyle also killed the little boy.

"I just felt...just sadness. It just...It breaks my heart because he just looks so sweet and innocent," Jennifer Burks, who lives near Dilworth's Adamsville home, said. "Neighbors didn't know the child existed, and it was just like he was locked up in this home."

Law enforcement accused Kyle of pushing the 4-year-old into a dresser, knocking him unconscious.

According to court documents, Kyle left the room where the child was passed out and closed the door behind her.

DOCUMENTS | Hospital reports child was bruised all over his body

The affidavit of complaint revealed it was not until Kyle returned to the room 30 minutes later, she realized the child was having a seizure.

Kyle reported the incident to 911 operators.

"Over the weekend on Saturday, the child passed away as a result of the traumatic brain injuries sustained on Wednesday night," Honorable Mike Dunavant said.

Dunavant is the District Attorney for Fayette, Hardeman, Lauderdale, McNairy, and Tipton counties.

McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck said the child had several bruises and remains hopeful and autopsy will determine if the child was abused.

WREG learned the 4-year-old's biological mother is currently grieving the loss of her son as she plans his funeral.

Neighbors continued paying their respects with a makeshift memorial in front of the home where the child once lived.

A note on the mailbox reads: "Fly high, Sweet Angel. We will never forget. Adamsville will always love you."

"Nothing we can bring down here is going to bring the child back, but it can say that as a community maybe we are starting to be more aware that this happens," Burks said.

Kyle is locked up on a $1,000,000 bond, and Dilworth is being held a $500,000 bond.

Both suspects are expected to appear before a judge on Thursday, August 14th.



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  • Terrie

    Its called the birth control pill! You women need to take it!!! Why in God’s name do you keep having baby’s when you can’t feed the one’s you have??? Just stupid.I bet this kyle hasnt even cried either!!!

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  • maria

    go to you tube and look up ” autopsy#2 a mothers instinct michael baden medical examiner….. the story of little 3 and 1/2 yr old that was killed by the adoptive mother….she only got 8 yrs that was in 1965……and only because the childs real mother wanted to look up her child and see him again since she had to give him up when she was only a teenager. the little boy was exhumed 20 yrs later and the rest you will have to see….. very explicit pictures! these people do not get what they deserve!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    The mother , yeahs, wonder where she is, maybe she did not want him either,they keep having them, and then beat them to death, pretty sad and this is a sorry pos who will do that to a little kid,he is still a toddler,for goodness sake, they are a waste of air and space but I am sure we will be supporting their sorry butts in prison.
    I hope they stay in jail forever and this so called woman, female,whatever,a waste of space does need to be
    Sterilized for sure or maybe a bullet to the head of each,cheaper and quicker but this little kid probably endured
    Pure hell very day of his little life, so very sad, I say if u don’t want them, do not have them or let someone
    Adopt them, my gosh, how sad, he is four years old, makes me sick

    • Innocence destroyed

      I get emotional reading these articles on almost a daily basis, I feel anger, hate, sick, nauseous, and other words elude me describing my feelings. A 4 year old angel, needing and wanting love and guidance is treated in this manner. People like this are not human, they are some kind of animal. It is just beyond comprehension in my mind. I am going to have to quit reading these reports because of the emotions I go through when reading them, I am a grown man and tears well up in my eyes thinking of this child and what he went through.

  • Janice

    I heard the mother gave the father custody…. very sad that no one wqanted him!!!!! Praying that justice prevails and they all get what they deserve. As for the mother, shame on you for not being a better person in this life. You get ONE chance to make it right and you failed!!!

  • Marco

    The mother and father had two children, the mother kept the little girl and the father took the boy. Trying to do their best with split custody after the divorce. The mother would have never given the boy up had she known what was going on in the house. Please look more into facts before saying no one wanted the child.

  • janice

    Hmmmm … when is it okay to “give” up a child and then not know whats going on. According to the news he had been abused for awhile! Bravo for her that she “kept” the girl. Sorry Marco, I disagree. If you have children and make the CHOICE to give them up at least have the decency to make sure they are being taken care of. I am not blaming her but it is very sad that no one knew this was happening. I have 4 children, by choice, I work and take care of them by myself because their father died. Its not that difficult. I appreciate you being supportive of her and looking at the big picture. I guess we all should, so maybe I agree a little bit.

  • Marco

    Sadly, the mother will regret that decision for the rest of her life. She probably thought it was honestly best for the boy to live with the father. We will never know what made him change. Drugs? The girlfriend? It’s awful.

    • Marco

      I meant to add this in there….the mother had stated right after the reports came out that at one point in time the father was a loving husband and father. We will never know what made him change…

  • T

    The bio mother told the MCNAIRY co. Sheriff she knew the dad was hitting the child with his “crocs” and she still let him be there. She is just as guilty as he is

  • T

    Kyle will never get the death penalty. This is McNairy co. I know. My brother was murdered there and the woman that killed him walked. Remember Mary Winkler? Also in this county. Justice in McNairy county is a pathetic joke

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