What’s next in Kellogg’s controversy?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Federal Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays told Kellogg's this week it has to end the nine-month lockout.

While workers say that's good news, their picket signs aren’t going anywhere.

What's next in this simmering controversy?

The Informed Sources team shares their thoughts.

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  • Leroy brown

    For the ignorant people of Memphis and Shelby County it’s always about race and politics. Like there hasn’t been any corrupt conservatives, bs! And what info does anyone have that this judge is corrupt. Simple minded ignorant people

    • Gonebabygone

      I find it odd that the race card came out so late in the game. Almost like they don’t really want to go back to work now.

      Judge: “Back to work, everyone.”

      Picketers: “What? … Wait, they’re racists!”

  • Don

    What’s next in Kellogg’s controversy?
    I would think that Kellogg will move to another town like Collierville, Piperton or Rossville. without taking any of the locked out lazy behinds’.

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