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Immigration crisis comes to the Mid-South

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Mississippi and Tennessee's governors sent angry letters to President Obama as hundreds of illegal immigrant children on the border were dispersed to their states, without their consultation.

Are the governors just playing politics with a humanitarian crisis, or is there a legitimate concern here?

The Informed Sources team weighs in.


  • Ralph Noyes

    Clearly, the govt is trying to spread these children out among the various Immigration Courts around the country, so each court has a “manageable” load of them. 500-1000 in each court. I pity the already overworked Immigration Judges. There aren’t enough Immigration Judges because Republicans in Congress don’t want to fund the jobs.

    Then the govt will being the process of trying to remove them from the country LEGALLY.

    We ARE still a nation of laws, as you Teabaggers don’t seem to notice, or want to notice.

    Go ahead now, blow your low-information, low-intelligence little teapots.

    • Ralph Noyes

      That’s “begin”, not “being”.

      Sure wish the software here allowed us to correct typos.

      Sure wish the downloads on this page weren’t so SLOW.

    • Freedomwasawesome

      You are correct they do not want to fund them. They want to stop the illegal’s from crossing in the first place. Eliminating the need to fund more judges.

      Dumb Dems always thinking throwing money at something will fix the problem while never addressing the real issue.
      And to top it off it is always some one else’s money!!!!!!

    • All_I_can_muster

      Teabaggers huh? When these people touch down in this country, our ‘president’ has decided they can stay, all on his own without congress or any oversight. So , nation of laws? Come again? This ‘president’ cares little about the rule of law and is flouting it at every chance and turn.

      The only low info/low intelligence being exhibited is from you, Mr. Noyes. Nice try, though.

      November 2014. It’s coming.

      • Ralph Noyes

        I just love you Teabaggers. You will be the ruin of the Republican Party.

        Party on! Don’t ever change. We love you just the way you are. Don’t pick up a book, never. Don’t even ask about critical thinking. Or ANY kind of “thinking”.Intellectuals are EVIL, and you reg’lar folks are the good guys.

        Keep it up. I wanna see your faces hit the fan.

      • ALL_I_Can_Muster

        Well, Ralph. You sound just like one of the parrots on MSNBC, hook line, talking point, and sinker. Keep your head planted firmly up your behind. By all means, sir.

    • Barry Rodgers

      You obviously must know a lot about ‘tea bagging’ since you keep mentioning it. Go back to your hole and stay there IDIOT!!!!!!!!

    • langor1

      Everyone conservative is a teabagger and everyone liberal is a libtard right Ralph, except of course you don’t think you are a libtard and undoubtedly would be offended if called one? No reason to make any type of intellectual argument, just call those you disagree with names, because it makes you seem SO intelligent. Can you make a post without using a pejorative?, you can look that up.

  • Joe

    It is amazing people will spend there time blaming someone else. It’s not about what’s right, it’s about winning, in there mind. Always throwing a curve ball to divert the truth, change the subject. Some people just can’t face failure or recognize it one. This one is obvious who is to blame. Another ignore it and it will go away, by this administration. This problem has been brewing for some time now and they throw it on the states to figure out. Another one of many failures for this administration. Remember how welcome the Mexicans were, ready to grant amnesty to them. Now the flood of children from Central America that aren’t old enough to vote and there a problem. I was embarrassed this man was elected president the first time, the man from nowhere. I was appalled he was elected the second time (simply amazing). Tea party? Republicans? I really hope you are smarter than that and just throwing a curve ball.

  • Mayflower my rump

    Ralph Noyes, full blown, boot licking Obama communist. Too stupid to even know it.. Dumbed down to a useful idiot. Will not answer any questions. Throws out the Tea Bagger term without even knowing that is a homosexual term and we all know which party they vote for don’t we Ralph. His ignorance defies belief. You see fools like Ralph have no sense of borders, nations, taxes, or financial ruin. Just bring in millions more, hire more teachers, hire more judges, but Ralph NEVER explains how to pay for it. Ralph thinks YOUR money should be spent the way Ralph wants it spent, not the way you want YOUR money spent. Fascist, Totalitarian, Marxist, point of view, straight out of the Manifesto. Well Ralph if you want MY money, to pay YOUR judges, and for YOUR Illegals, then YOU come collect comrade. Has no idea of the definition of the word TYRANNY.

    • OMG

      Ralph is just another brainwashed sheep following the heard. Ill give 100 to 1 odds he is one of the 57% of welfare maggots on govt assistance in this sorry excuse for a country. Sorry but I lost any sense of patriotism when bush (a real president and leader) left office. To all the welfareites it must be a sorry existence being a pet owned and controlled by the government. Sit, bark, roll over and we will give you a treat, your food stamps!

  • Calypso

    I’m no Obama fan, but why is he supposse to be the problem or the answer. Hasn’t this issue been growing for decades? WHAT DID BUSH DO? When did one man become the cancer or the cure? If the answer were so easy, someone please tell me why the last little big eared fellow who liked to start wars he could never win didnt fix this for our country instead of messing up another country???????

  • gunny55

    So I would like to see proof of how many are sent home after a year or so. The liberals are always against legal immigration.

  • gunny55

    The people who relocate from other states have a history and are documented as well as having all their shots.

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