Father found guilty of 1st degree murder in son’s death.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Maurice Brown Junior`s family tells WREG justice was served Sunday. Maurice Brown Senior will spend life in prison. But they also say reliving the case this weekend was almost too much for their family.

After 4-and-a-half hours of deliberation this morning the jury found Maurice Brown guilty of all 5 charges including first degree murder. A verdict the little boy's mother was hoping for.

Princess Page was the boy's aunt. She said, "The whole time she just wanted to hear guilty, she just wants to hear guilty. And she heard guilty."

On Saturday Maurice Brown took the stand in his own defense, even acting out the scene from the day his 3-year-old child died. The prosecution said there were shocked to hear a story they say they had not heard from him before.

Shelby County Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols said she's never seen anything like that.

"The four of us standing here have all investigated or tried a lot of murder 1s and that was a pretty unique situation."

His attorney said after hearing from the medical examiner and the police investigators he wanted to tell his version of what happened the day Junior was killed.

When we asked his attorney John Keith Perry if he encouraged Brown to take the stand he said, " I didn`t encourage him but I thought it was necessary to get his side out."

But the boy's family says even under oath he didn`t tell the full truth on the stand.

Page said, "Lies, lies, cries lies. That`s exactly how I felt about everything he had to say."

She added that Junior was loved while he was on this earth and they continue to love him every day, but they live in pain knowing he`s not here today.

"Junior is watching over us now the way we did when we had him for those 3 years."

Brown will serve a minimum of 51 years in jail before he could possibly apply for parole.


  • Wreg-Fan

    51 years ? thats not enough time man…he should have gotten 120 years with parole after 100 years lol..How could you throw your son in the trash like he some garbage or sum then lie and say someone took him..he knew along were that child was..matter of fact I dont wish death one anyone but jail is not enough for him

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

      He will pray for death when he gets to the joint. He cant even apply for parole for 51yrs. He is only 23. He will be at least74 If he makes it which I doubt. The death penalty would be easy The 51 won’t

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    RIP lil Man, You are loved by those who you touched in life and in death. I pray that your Mother & Family will find peace knowing the monster you were unfortunate enough to call Daddy can never hurt you again. To the dad, the devil will torture you all of your days, there’s a special place in hell for people like you.

  • G Miller

    How could ANY attorney let their client go up on the stand and actually show them how they whipped the child ! Note to self .. NEVER hire his attorney ..ever! They jury had to be thinking about that 3 yr old the whole time watching him swing that belt… Yes he is totally guilty of the crime but when I saw that it doesn’t help your case if you were looking for any sympathy for the jury ..

    • WREG-FAN

      This dude was doomed from the start so it wouldn’t have mattered anyways and his Lawyer knew it as well.

  • michelle

    When I first saw his attorney, I was like who is this guy, and I know a lot of attorneys, he must a public defender..Yea hes a goner…..I am lost for words right now…….

  • BellRinger

    His attorney set him up for the already inevitable kill! No reputable attorney allows their client to take the stand in their own defense in a Murder 1 case with that much evidence already against them… and I don’t care what that monster says he beat that baby with his fist after he beat him with the belt!

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