Body found in drainage ditch identified

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  WREG obtained a picture of Cekia Armstrong, a woman found lying lifeless in a ditch Friday afternoon.

Neighbors said the 39-year-old victim was shot and lying naked in a drainage canal.

No one, who was interviewed by WREG in the Whitehaven area where she was found, knew Armstrong.

People who lived near a previously listed address for the victim in East Memphis claimed not to know her either.

WREG discovered through court records Armstrong had some run-ins with the law.

Neighbors told WREG children play in the neighborhood ditch all of the time, and two young boys found Armstrong's lifeless body.

"Pretty much you can't explain to them," Sandra Joseph said. "They just know somebody was found dead over there.  That's somebody's loves one, you know somebody done took her life probably over something petty."

Neighbors in Whitehaven said no one deserves what happened to Armstrong.

"You wouldn't want the same thing to happen to one of your loved ones, so you shouldn't treat a dog the way you treated her," said Janie Exum.

Police are still investigating this case and have not made any arrests.



    My God, who wrote this article ??? This was an absolute embarrassment to anyone that writes the English language. It was almost painful to read and even more painful to try and decypher what the hell the writer was trying to say. Who proofreads with stuff before it is posted ???

  • Alli Turnbo

    I wish I could read this article without having to go back over the same sentence several times before thinking “oh, that’s what they meant”. Do they teach grammar anymore?

    • Kis

      WREG was quoting what was said to them. They can’t change what someone says. In other words you can’t put words in people mouths.

    • RitaB

      The best way would have been to summarize what the source said as opposed to providing a direct quote, which was obviously given by someone who has not quite grasped the English language.

  • Mnyama

    Besides the direct quotes, I see complete sentences. … About what are folks complaining besides a senseless murder??

  • ensheslovely10

    Hollywood and the fake Satanic strikes again. It is very interesting that the FBI, CIA, Human rights organizations and the military refuse to investigate the entertainment industries for murder, pedophilia, domestic abuse, crimes for profit, microchip, human trafficking, mind control of murder, abuse and many more crimes against humanity.

    • Don

      It is very interesting that the FBI, CIA, Human rights organizations and the military refuse to investigate.
      You are wanting the U S Government to Investigating????
      Their leaders are about the same shape in The Third World city named Memphis, No Leadership at all.

      • ensheslovely10

        That is true about the refusal of the FBI, CIA, Human rights organizations having no leadership and the ability to investigate crimes against humanity. The FBI, CIA and other supports terrorism, torture, kidnapping, crimes against humanity by the entertainment industries. I will continue forward to file charges against them and even try to refile a lawsuit myself for failure to do their jobs, human trafficking, murder and many more crimes.
        The people commiting these crimes is of all races, ethnicities, creeds and colors.

    • donaknowsitall

      Is it petty when someone has to hear it and read it every single day? Journalists went to college and believe me college professors make a student write (and speak) properly.
      We, as in the readers, have to be able to UNDERSTAND what is being written, if it’s not understandable then why even write it?
      True, someone was murdered, but the journalist that wrote about it should know how to write clearly and concisely.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Miss know it all history has proven the largest kiddie killer and sexual molestor of childern are Caucasian In addition, when Brown gets to the pen he will wish he was NEVER born That being said go and worry about the explosion of meth addicts and mind your biz

    • donaknowsitall

      Yeah, like that guy Brown that was just convicted and found guilty of killing his 3 year old son. What about some of the other black domestic violence crimes that I hear about every morning when I turn on the TV?
      Breaking news each and every day, drive-by’s. knife fights, beating up on girlfriends, car jackings, breaking and entering, fights on school grounds, good grief! There is an endless supply of violent people around this area. Who is to say that each one of these crimes are done by whites, you? Like I would believe a word you say. You spew whtie hate with every post you write.

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    Seems like most the ones in Memphis are out to prove a point or beat it into you. When you lose your temper you’ve lost the argument…that’s never been taught to these savages. We might as well be walking around with rock wheels and clubs…at least the rest of us would have a fighting chance. As it stands now they’re running and shooting at any and everyone and using their own children as shields. It’s just disgusting.

  • Mrsdajm

    What is wrong with Memphis? I guess everything is! May the family and friends find some peace and understanding. to go forward.

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