Father accused of 3-year-old son’s murder: “I threw him in the garbage”

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The man accused of murdering his 3-year-old son took the witness stand Saturday morning, sharing a very different version of events than he has before.

Maurice Brown said he chased his son, Maurice Brown, Jr., around the house and repeatedly beat him after he got bath water on the floor.

Brown said his son hit his head a number of times and was knocked unconscious when he slipped on the bathroom floor.

"I saw his eyes roll in the back of his head, but he came, he came back," Brown said.

He said he thought Junior was asleep and put him on the bed, but later realized he wasn't breathing.

Brown said he then put Junior and another son in his car and was headed to the hospital, but panicked. He then pulled into an alley and thought about how Junior's mother was going to react.

"I threw him in the garbage.  I threw him in the garbage can, and felt like when he was out of my presence...a big relief," said Brown.

Brown then called 9-1-1 and said Junior walked out of the house. He admitted to lying to detectives and reporters about what happened to his son.

He added he didn't kill his son, he just messed up.

Friday, the medical examiner used graphic autopsy photos and diagrams to show injuries to Junior’s body. She said he bled to death internally from a laceration to the liver. He also had numerous bruises, broken ribs and bleeding on the brain.

The defense tried to convince the jury that Junior got some of the injuries from the spanking, and some from running around the apartment and hurting himself.

It’s a theory the prosecution found impossible, especially after asking the chief medical examiner, who said said Junior couldn’t have caused the fatal injuries himself.

The jury will meet Sunday morning to deliberate. If found guilty, Brown faces life in prison.


  • guttermutt

    Why doesn’t he get the death penalty??? He needs to be tortured to death and that isn’t even horrendous enough for him!!!

  • fryhim

    How can a feeling thinking human being get ‘relief’ by throwing a child’s body away like garbage? That he even said such a thing is sick! I think there are a lot of people walking around who need to be in the asylum, we need to bring asylums back and stock them full of defectives and keep them there forever.

  • Jane

    How can you throw your child in the garbage like trash. Life in prison is too easy. Her needs the death penalty. He took a innocence life. He may have been thee next President, Lawyer. He is sick. Don’t deserve to live.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    I hear he is only 23 so he is still a minor and didn’t know what he was doing

    ( sarcasim ) in case you were wondering

  • Thomas H. Evans

    If found guilty ( and why not) he should be stuffed in a garbage dumpster head first and left to die. I don’t want to take care of this guy for the next 60 years just because we don’t have the guts in the USA to execute trash like this within 90 days. We are not serious about getting rid of crime in this country, we have too much compassion for the criminal.

  • not okay

    And once again the good citizens of the state of Tennessee will pay for this baby killer, that felt relief after dumping (at his own hand) his dead baby in the trash for the rest of his life. He does not deserve to live off of us. He does not deserve to get free medical, free food, free laundry, free television and a free bed.

    • BellRinger

      I had my son at 19 and I’m now 25 with 2 degrees and a very good job. There is no excuse for this pathetic piece of a boy! i don’t feel the least bit sorry for him!! THEY SHOULD’VE FRIED HIM!!!! i have been praying for forgiveness for the ill-minded things I have wished would happen to this space waster!! Excuse me, I need to pray right now…..

  • E A Speed

    Such a beautiful baby and to have been tortured to death at the hands of the scum man who should have been cherishing and holding him close with love. I have no ability to comprehend how a man could do such a terrible thing to this beautiful baby. LITTLE ANGEL! He reminds me of my sons as babies and my grandsons now. Such a loss for those who loved him and their community. I write this with tears streaming because it is so awful. Pray that such abuse immediately ends!

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