Man plays dead after being shot, stabbed while looking for his dog

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. -- Playing possum helped an Arkansas man stay alive after being shot and stabbed.

Brian Brister told WREG he was only looking for his lost pit bull, and thought he'd found it behind a house on South 8th Street in West Helena.

But things quickly turned violent, and the next thing Brister knew, he was in the emergency room.

After a few days in the hospital, Brister is up and moving around. After what he's been through, it's a wonder he can even walk.

He went looking for his dog early Sunday morning a few blocks from where the dog went missing.

"Somebody told me that they had seen my dog down there and I went down there to look and see if it was my dog. 'Cause I want my dog back," said Brister.

Brister said he saw a dog that looked like his behind a green house. When he went behind the house to check it out, a couple of angry men showed up.

One had a .32-caliber pistol and fired at Brister.

"A guy come out of the back door and shot me. Shot me about three foot from me. And then I fell to the ground and basically played dead," said Brister.

The wound itself was certainly enough to kill him the man.

"It hit my collar-bone and bounced up into my neck, behind my jugular vein," said Brister.

But then the second man started stabbing Brister while he was on the ground, pretending to be dead.

"I got a stab wound here in the back of my arm, I got one here on the side of my leg," said the man.

Brister thought the worst was over until he heard one of the men make a chilling statement.

"And the other one told him to shoot me again. And the guy said, 'No, I shot him in the neck man. He's dead,'" said Brister.

He said as soon as the two men ran away, he did, too.

Brister vowed the attack won't keep him from finding his dog, which has a very fitting name.

"Trouble.That's a good name for him, too. He's got me in trouble," Brister said with a laugh.

He said he didn't get a good look at his attackers, but Helena-West Helena police are investigating and looking for the pair.


  • I didnt see nothing!! Really?

    Didn’t get a good look at his attackers? Is that what he said? This fellow had no other description? I don’t believe it for a moment. What I do believe is the media prints whatever part of a story they wish and in all POLITICAL CORRECTNESS leaves out the details that are pertinent.

    • MissTee

      What are you even talking about? Political correctness? In quite certain they already know who they are, considering they came out of the house. Likely some gun nut “protecting their family”.

      • Joe Drager

        The two men did not ‘come out of the house.’ And no self-respecting ‘gun nut’ carries a .32 cal pistol. That is the preferred weapon of an Obama wannabe thug.

      • youhavegottobekidding

        @Joe – it said a “guy come out the back door” … was he NOT in the house?

    • MissTee

      They take whatever opportunity they can to express their virulent racism. They hope hope hope the person is black so they can spew their racist garbage all over this page. I have a friend that was robbed at gunpoint and also didn’t get a good look because he was looking at the GUN. I’m betting the shooter was some redneck. These armchair Dirty Harrys will shut up quick when that happens.

      • fascistskinhead

        highly unlikely seeing as the town is 80% sub-saharian.and speaking from personal experience I too have been attacked for being white in helena,call it what it is a hatecrime against a white man!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Kay, he may remember the house he was at looking for his dog, but putting yourself in his shoes like you and I would have…..too scared to remember much less paid that much attention to what they look like when you get a gun and knife put on u

  • Shayne abbott

    There’s no place safe in America unless you have a gun to protect yourself . Make it legal to shoot to protect your property and this crime will stop. People will change their minds before they break into your house or vehicle or come around your wife or kids

    • donaknowsitall

      The guy wasn’t breaking into anyone’s house, according to the article it said that he walked arond behind the house to get a better look at the dog. Guess maybe the guys that came out of the house should have asked something like” Hey, what do you want?” or something along those lines to find out what the man was doing behind the house. As it turns out Brister was just a guy looking for his dog and not wanting to rob.
      Is this how America is now, shot first, ask questions later? What happened to asking first then shooting if you need to. We come out with guns blazing, no questions asked like it is our right to shot at anything that moves. Good grief This is why America is getting so violent, communication is nonexistence!

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