Court cases for border children begin August 13th in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG met a mother and her two young daughters who know the difficulty of trying to become a U.S. citizen after illegally moving here.

We met them earlier this week as they tried to get Social Security cards. The girls will go to Germantown schools next week, but it hasn't been easy.

Reyna Ulloa moved to the Mid-South with just her eldest daughter three years ago. In March, they drove to Houston, where the 13-year-old girl got on a plane to get her 10-year-old sister in Honduras. The youngest daughter suffers from a brain disorder that causes problems with her vision and walking.

"In the United States, they have the hospital only for kids.In my country, no," said Ulloa.

Those kinds of hopes and dreams of a better life are why there are so many unaccompanied children in the U.S.

Earlier this month, the federal government sent 760 of them to Tennessee. Most will live with family already here, but they will go through immigration court.

"I've had children 4 and 6 years old in deportation cases. They're brought over by relatives, caught at the border and they have to be dealt with," said Ray Babaoglu, an immigration lawyer.

Babaoglu says the extra deportation cases will only lead to a longer backlog in the state's only immigration court.

"Our court here in Memphis has two judges. One is off on medical leave now, so we have one. And, it's over 6,000 cases," said Babaoglu.

However, there is some relief on the way. WREG got a look at the construction at Brinkley Plaza in downtown Memphis. The building is getting a remodel, which could help speed up clearing the backlog. That's something Ulloa hopes will help keep families together.

"In the United States, it's the best life for the people," said Ulloa.

WREG is told the families of the children will likely ask for asylum or deferred asylum so the children can stay here until they become adults.


  • Hard for an illegal to become legal lol

    The reporting by our so-called media defies belief. We have one judge, the other one is sick, and he is going to hear over 6000 cases but a “remodeled” building will help speed him up. ROFL Then we are told it is hard to become a legal citizen after entering this country illegally. WHAT!!! If you come here ILLEGALLY you should NEVER become a citizen. The stupidity of these statements defies belief. We don’t have to worry about this much longer. Our communist muslim Presidente said he plans to make them all LEGAL citizens with a stroke of his pen and if you disagree you are a racist. We are $17 TRILLION in debt, we are spending a half TRILLION more than we take in in taxes, we have 92 MILLION people not in the work force, we have a record number on food stamps, record bankruptcies, record on disability,2 years of unemployment, a 5 year backlog on people wanting section 8 housing, Obamacare costs thru the roof, taxpayers fleeing this city along with the police and fire department, and OBAMA wants to GRANT AMNESTY to over 11 MILLION ILLEGALS. Are you kidding me?

    • Ralph Noyes

      Just when did YOUR ancestors come to America, you fuming little Teapot?

      Mine came on the Mayflower, and to Jamestown. Oh, and Pocahantas. We should have kept YOU immigrants out.

      I much prefer the immigrants from Latin America. They aren’t racists or ignorant screamers.

      • Mayflower my rump

        Well aren’t we special? So your relatives came over on the Mayflower? And that makes you special, HOW? I have no idea when my Indian ancestors came since I am part Cherokee, paternal, from Sequatchie County, and part Chickasaw, maternal, Mississippi, I also have Irish, Daniels that married the Cherokee in 1870, English that married the Chickasaw and I am married to a Hispanic from Corpus Christi whose family was here before Texas or the Mayflower, you blithering idiot. Her whole family, and they are numerous, oppose these ILLEGALS. My ancestors came to TN in 1848 from NC. Absolutely nothing wrong with Immigrants as long as they are LEGAL!! How many ILLEGALS are you housing? How many more you want? How much do you want your taxes to go up and your wages to go down you ignorant buffoon. Then you throw out that race card because you aren’t able to discuss, debate the FACTS. Then you seem to want to call me an immigrant!!! Your stupidity defies belief. Maybe you can tell me who owned Mexico first, or France, how about Iraq, Israel? Got a clue? How far do you want to go back to suit YOUR view of who came to a country first? There is absolutely NO DOUBT you voted for our communist muslim president. Now I have no idea of the ancestry of the person that posted the first post but I agree with them 100%. Take your holier than thou attitude and chat with your comrades, comrade. Your bigoted views show not only your ignorance but your Mayflower arrogance.

    • Mayflower my rump

      Do something about your debating skills. Calling names and somebody got here on the Mayflower all you got? Teat*rds? LOL You don’t have a clue what the Tea Party is. Lower taxes, smaller government, term limits, and follow the Constitution. That is all there is. Now we already know laws and the Constitution are not on your agenda because you want open borders, diseases, gang bangers, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and terrorists are all okay with you. So I guess the rest of the Tea Party platform you oppose also. Come on Ralph put up, shut up, or give us some more of your history that makes you special.

      • Ralph Noyes

        It is not that I’m special. In the outside world — where I’ve lived, I’m quite ordinary, Just have an education and a bit of insight.

        NO, it’s that YOU are so typical of the low-lifes in Memphis. No education, no class, hate everybody who thinks for himself, hate everyone who isn’t a Bible-thumping, gun-waving Scots-Irish thug like you are.

        We really should have closed the ports in 1750. We would not have Appalachia and its fetid, Tea Party diaspora. The same red-headed, low-class Protestant tribe of haters that have screwed up Northern Ireland for the past 40 years.

        YOU people. Get in your pickup and go back to Booger Hollow, where you’ll be with your own kind.

        Oh, and PLEASE SECEDE.

  • Ralph Noyes

    Tea Party = ill-bred, poorly educated, .low-intelligence, low-knowledge, racist rednecks. You and your K KK buddies want to shoot the kids at the border and leave their bodies to rot. I tried to post that link but could not.

    But that’s who YOU are. And the world outside this little Third World swamp-hole knows who and what you are, too.

    • DO WHAT?

      Typical liberal. All you can do when someone doesn’t fall in line with your narrow so-called tolerant views on everything is start calling people names and then throw in the word “racist.” What you need to do, Ralph, is go take a long, hard look at your own face in the mirror. You’re the ill-bred, poorly educated, low intelligence, low knowledge, racist redneck. You’re about as far from tolerant and intelligent as one can get.

      • Ralph Noyes

        Typical right-wing ignoranus. Historical migration of peoples > human laws.

        It’s not my fault if you’re a right-wing, gun-and-flag-waving xenophobe.

        Te voy a decir esto — que eres un culero, perjudicado, muy ignorante.

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  • DO WHAT?

    Let me get this straight, Ralph. You think it’s perfectly fine for ILLEGAL immigrants to flood the country and become legal residents just because they cross the border?

    • Ralph Noyes

      Yeah, and especially if we can deport a corresponding number of Teabagger scum.

      Historical migrations of populations — human or animal — are beyond the reach of man’s laws.

      Also, we don’t turn away helpless children at our border. I know you Teabaggers are not civilized, but you are asking America to do the kind of things that a civilized nation DOES NOT DO.


  • Don

    I got this e-mail I got recently.

    You might need to read it.
    Someone is Lying.

    Imagine you’re a 3- to 8-year-old child. You’re totally on your own without adults.

    You are asked to walk from Houston, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota ( About how far as the southern Mexico to the Texas border. on your own with no food or belongs to sustain you. 1500 + miles.

    Then you’re asked to walk an addition 100 miles past Minnesota.
    Could you do it?
    · How long would it take you as a 6 year old? (That’s the minimum distance these poor, helpless little ones have supposedly walked from Central America to the border of Texas)… again, on their own. They didn’t get lost.
    · And they survived the journey without help (unless you buy in to the notion that a destitute out-of-work family run out of their homes by gangs and living in squalor somehow came up with $8,000 to $10,000 for EACH child to pay a coyote to take them to the border).

    Puzzle Two, you must start somewhere in the green area. Let’s make it easy and start where green meets orange, so that you had the least mileage by not having to cover the whole green area. Just start where the green meets the orange. Blue, of course, is water.
    · Your task is to figure a route from the green area to the purple area without going into the blue area and while avoiding towns and cities in the orange area. The black line is the distance from the nearest town to Mexico’s southern border that touches the green area to Laredo, Texas, one of the CLOSEST purple towns. 1220 miles across desert and mountains with no equipment nor food nor help.
    · If orange had stopped these innocents where orange touches green, problem would not have occurred. However, what six year old do you know who could walk 1220 miles (minimum)…. probably more like 1500 miles on their own without dying?
    · How many days would it take for a 6 year old to walk 1220 miles without help, directions, food, sun protection, etc.?
    Once again the US Federal Government is LYING to us.
    Someone created and implemented this problem, and the media should be figuring out who it is.

  • Ralph Noyes

    I just wish people would stop confusing their ignorance and xenophobia with patriotism. They need to put down their teabags and pick up a book.

    The K KK has advocated shooting these children at the border and leaving their bodies to rot. I cannot post the link to that article, though I have tried. Obviously the K KK has a lot of supporters here in Memphis, per some of the mangled, hateful diatribes above. (Not you, Don, though I don’t think your narrative is entirely accurate, either).

    These kids left Hell and went through Hell to get here. We should allow them to stay. These are little children, NOT, as the right-wing lie machine claims, gang members. It’s the gangs — educated in US prisons — whom they’re FLEEING in Honduras and El Salvador. Those nations have fallen apart — with massive CIA help — much like Somalia.

    Great job, Teabaggers. I know your religious delusions cause you to blame everything on Obama, but the fact is that the idiots YOU have elected for the past decade are the reason this is happening. It’s just a little too hard to explain this to you teabrains, who have the attention span of a goldfish, and the mentality of a Tasmanian Devil.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Yeah, me too, Fabon Washington! Ol vet day/armistice day baby to boot! So, we each have our tempers when u rattle our Irish cages wrong way.

    • Ralph Noyes

      Actually, these are immigrants from Scotland who spent centuries as the cat’s paw of the English, abusing the Irish people, CanadianWhiskeyGirl. They were shipped here, too, by the British, eager to get rid of this ignorant, ugly tribe.

      They are the Protestant troublemakers in Northern Ireland today, and they were the frontier people who went to Apppalachia when they came to America and who have never stopped being belligerent, ignorant jerks.

      Today they’re the core of the Tea Party and the Republican dominance in Greater Appalachia. NOT nice people, NOT a nice culture, NOT a knowledge-based culture. They infest trailer parks.

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