Parvo found again at MAS

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A case of Parvo has been detected at Memphis Animal Services.

As of now the facility is closed to the public while the facility is being cleaned.

Last month, at least 14 dogs were euthanized due to another case of Parvo.

MAS will be open today from 3 -7 p.m. for adoptions.

According to a news release, five Great Dane puppies were surrendered to MAS Tuesday.

Thursday morning, one of the puppies tested positive for Parvo, a highly contagious virus.

The dog was tested after showing signs it may be infected.

We are told by MAS there is no way to screen for Parvo, it is detected after signs are shown.

Paravovirus is highly contagious and causes moderate to sever vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Treatment is variable but typically includes fluid therapy, antibiotics and anti-vomiting medication.

All unvaccinated dogs are at risk of infection with the virus.

Anyone who adopted since the dogs were brought in will be notified and those who adopt in the next few days will be told there is a chance their dog could be infected.

Pet rescues and others are being asked to foster or adopt as many animals as possible to reduce the chance of the virus spreading.






  • Donna Jagoe

    Parvovirus is survivable. There is no way that it was necessary to put 14 dogs down unless the reason was to avoid incurring vet costs from treating them to get them through it. If that was the decision, then tell the truth about it. You put costs above saving the animals’ lives.

  • Paula J. Lutts

    Mike Barret, Yes there is a Blame Train Here at MAS! It’s the Management & the So-Called Well Trained Techs at MAS! This is the the 5th or 6th Dog in the last month that was Adopted & Euthanasia.
    This was addressed at the last MAS Advisory Board Meeting, earlier this month.. A Board Member asked Mr. James Rogers about the Number Dogs that had been Euthanasia even though they had already been Adopted? The board member wanted to know the procedure before a dog is euthanasia? Mr. Rogers stated that there was the 1st check by kennel cards. Then a 2nd by another person. And a 3rd by yet another person in the computer system! So Dogs were Euthanasia after 3 Different Well-Trained Shelter Techs & now we have Another since that meeting? The Numbers are probably Higher, just not reported in a News Story before! I saw one done by the media, a few months ago!
    Animal Advocates are aware of the Horrors that Animals face at Memphis Animal Services but Nothing Ever Changes. It just Continues! Attended a MAS Advisory Board Meeting & then maybe Citizens would realize the Horrible Way that The Animals are Treated at MAS!!!

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