Jurors in Maurice Brown murder trial confronted with photos of 3-year-old’s body

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Friday was an emotional day in court as jurors in the Maurice Brown murder trial saw pictures of his 3-year-old son, who was found dead in a dumpster.

Brown is accused of killing Maurice Brown, Jr., in July 2012.

He had previously reported the boy missing, saying he was either taken from his apartment or ran away.

Jurors heard from investigators who interrogated Brown and the officer who found Junior's badly beaten body.

They were also confronted with something no one ever wants to have to see - pictures of a dead child.

Jurors had to see it, but a picture of little Junior's body upside down in a dumpster is too gruesome for WREG to show. It was too much for many in the courtroom to handle. Wails and sobs pierced the otherwise quiet courtroom as the photo was shown to jurors on a projector.

On the third day of Maurice Brown's murder trial, the officer who found Junior's body in a dumpster took the stand.

"I could see his feet. I could see his legs. I saw the batman t-shirt and his torso," the officer said.

The prosecution also talked to one of the investigators who interrogated Brown back in 2012. He said Brown didn't understand his Miranda rights when they read them to him the first time, so another officer got a little colorful when she explained them a second time.

"If you say anything to us that incriminates you, we will use that s*** against your a** in court," an officer read from a transcript in court.

The defense pointed out an investigator suggested to Brown that Junior's death might have been an accident. The investigator said they were just trying to get him to open up.

He said Brown still insisted he did not know what happened to Junior.

"We told him nobody in this room believes anything you're telling us," the officer said. "You know what happened."

An officer and expert in blood pattern analysis also took the stand, who talked about bloodstains in Brown's bathroom.

The defense claims Brown spanked Junior, noticed later he was not breathing, tried CPR and panicked when it did not work.

If that is true, prosecutors want to know why he lied to investigators, who asked him if it was an accident, and the public when he insisted his son was just missing.

The trial will continue Friday morning at 8:30. That is when the medical examiner will take the stand. Brown may take the stand in his own defense after.


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