Union leader takes crack at crime victim due to benefit cuts

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two young men were violently attacked in downtown Memphis.

Carol Furr's son told police the men opened his mouth, laid him on the curb and then stomped on the back of his head.

“His jaws were wired shut, and he is at home recovering,” Furr told us.

The other man attacked is the son of the owner of Huey's, who asked for support online.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams took issue with that because Huey's is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, which supported a cut in healthcare benefits for city workers.

The only thing Williams took back was a Facebook post.

After we talked to him on the phone, we noticed it was deleted off his Facebook page.

"Accosted, beaten and robbed," said Wight Boggs.

She will tell you it was hard enough talking to us about her son earlier this week.

He and his best friend were brutally beaten and robbed while walking to their car near the FedEx Forum a couple weeks ago.

Boggs sent a letter to Director Toney Armstrong, Mayor A C Wharton and District Attorney General Amy Wierich asking them to “take charge of this problem and address it head on.”

Boggs' family owns Huey's and prides itself on being police and firefighter friendly, offering them half off their food for years plus, but some of them aren't showing any love.

Williams wrote on Facebook Thursday: "Wight Boggs, an owner of Huey's is Thomas Boggs' widow. Interesting how they are demanding police action when their family is attacked and demanding that they be protected when their business and the chamber are attacking our family. Ironic, don't you think."

Williams wouldn't comment on what he said, only that he is "letting the ball roll on this one."

Many supporters of police and firefighters were furious when the Chamber posted a picture of its employees eating at a Huey's location on Facebook days after the vote to reduce benefits for all city employees.

As for Huey's, they wouldn't say much either.

"We are very sorry this whole situation has happened. We are very sorry, but we can't comment on anything at this time," said Shannon Little, Huey's spokesperson.

So their customers talked for them.

"That is not what I would have said if I was in his place," said Tripp Hullender.

"No matter what, whether you like the person or not, they should get protection from the police department," said Ben McClain.

This isn't the first time a local business was attacked.

Muddy's Bake Shop was bashed on Facebook by cops, firefighters and their wives after the owner took a picture with Mayor A C Wharton.

Many of them have since apologized, while others showed up to buy items as a sign of support.

WREG talked to several other businesses who also said they were harrassed by city workers and retirees.


  • Gov't unions should be illegal-FDR

    The MPD and their fascist behavior has completely turned me against them .Their give me what I want mentality is thuggish at best. Instead of blaming the taxpayer, their beef is with the people their unions elected. To heck with the taxpayer, give me what I want or I will take my ball and go home. I started out hoping some compromise could be reached but now I want them all on Obamacare and 401k’s.

    • Rick

      MPD is trying to bully the city and the citizens into giving them what they want. That sounds like organized crime, paying protection money so you get some protection. The DA needs to look into this. It’s time for Mike Williams to go. He does not have the best interests of Memphis in mind.

    • OMG

      Williams post was only pointing out the irony involved in this situation you idiot. All of the cops are sickened by what happened to these poor kids including Williams who is a father himself. Their beef is with the memphis chamber who is only concerned with the rich businessmen fat cats of this community like conrad and flynn and not the everyday helpless victims like these kids. I wish channel three would run the numbers on how many cops have quit or retired in just the past two months. Common sense dictates if they all quit and leave there will be no one on the streets to deter these horrible tragic acts or apprehend these sorry thugs after the fact.

  • Sean Brown

    The bottom line is that any police officer or firefighter should give a 100 % effort to serve and protect regardless of the dispute on cut backs. If you can’t do leave the department. For any union leaders to suggest that citizens or visitors will not be as safe because of benefit reductions is a threat to the citizens and should be considered a terrorist act. The citizens admire the hard working Police and Fireman. Many other cities are also being hit with much higher employee benefit cuts. Lets look for unified solutions.

    • Johnson

      This is not those other cities. This is MEMPHIS! If you wnt the boys in blue to play your way . . . You better be ready to pay. . . or the help you need might just fade away.

  • WhyIMoved

    So if Mike is a low-class thug what do you call the “people” who committed the crime? I guess now everyone has forgotten about them.

    • youhavegottobekidding

      Did you just spew that off the top of your head or did you think about what you posted before you posted it? Williams is low class thug, the other criminals are scumsucking low class thugs.

  • memphian

    Why is Williams a thug for pointing out the obvious irony in someone who is anti-police by business practices and then the same person complaining about safety after police benefits are cut and their family member is a victim of a violent attack? Police are leaving the city in droves, trust me I just saw the list of people who just resigned, and that isn’t including the ones that I know are going to Texas and haven’t told the dept they are leaving yet. It is a sad traumatic event what occurred to this family, and I am sorry for that but there is the possibility that if we were at our compliment of officers then it could have been prevented or deterred. Personal safety is the individuals own responsibility obviously you cant put a cop in your back pocket and walk around, but with that said- the number of criminal acts that are prevented or caught in the act of and stopped are severely under reported in this city due to the horrendous relationship between the media and police.

    I know now that I have identified myself as mpd i will be identified as a bully thug in uniform and picked apart by replies. I didn’t take this job so people will like me. I understand a large portion of the city have had negative contacts with police. I will not be replying anymore on here. Have a good day and treat another memphian to random act of kindness, it will come back to you.

  • Elwood Suggins

    If the citizens are wise they will get their carry permits and arm themselves as I already do. I don’t leave home without it. Also they need to buy themselves a shotgun for home protection. When we take out a few of these thugs they will get the picture and realize people are not going to take it ant more. And by the way there won’t be any second offences.

    • Gonebabygone

      Shelby county leads the state in permits. The other part of this involves not patronizing establishments that prohibit you from carrying the one tool that may help defend yourself against an illegally armed criminal.

  • Hugh

    Mike Williams is the definition of unprofessional. You cannot bully the taxpayers into getting your benefits back. I am happy that their healthcare is in line with what I pay now–it is fair. Pulling an innocent victim into this fray just because of who his parents are is wrong and uncalled for. Mike, you need to resign. You are an embarrassment to this city and the MPD.

  • Yep

    MPD is starting to show that real attitude that they give everyone all of the time on the streets on these forums. MPD is acting like an organized crime ring and their attitude isn’t much different.

  • Hap

    Mike Williams didn’t write the post, it’s plain to see! Bush league smear reporting at best. Oh, and if I choose to eat at someplace because I like it or the treat me better and I feel more comfortable rather than someplace that don’t support you or only wants your money, how is that bullying or harassment ??? I eat where I’m appreciated plain and simple !

    • pu5her

      So, that Facebook page was nothing more than a “hoax” or “conspiracy”, huh?… Are you a f&$kin idiot? Tell you what Hap, you keep doing a mediocre job and we will hold this city together; keep building it up and trust ourselves… Though, the means to the end may not be supported by everyone. You make me sick with your self-righteous-holier-than-thou attitude.

      • sarabee

        Why don’t you take a minute and read it; he didn’t write it. He reposted a link to what someone else wrote. Not saying that’s much better but before you attack Hap why don’t take a second and try to decipher what is being said. Who’s the effing idiot?! Now go look out the window nice! For Crom’s sake!

      • ronleo

        Any 12 year old who speaks “Facebook” can tell you Mike Williams didn’t write this post. It clearly says “shared link via Heather Pfeil”. If you weren’t so busy bashing Williams or cared about the truth of this post, you’d have check the Association Facebook page. This Heather person takes full credit/blame for this post. The rest of your post sounds like a 2nd amendment remedy rant. You sound slightly unhinged. With all that being said, I hope they catch the vile creatures that committed this horrific crime and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I mean, that is the most important issue right? When that does happen, it won’t be you arresting anybody now will it? It will MPD doing their job.

    • pu5her

      Sarabee… Mike Williams didn’t write the post? If you were on wreg.com when posted it, you would KNOW he wrote the comment via Facebook. Whatever, if I owe an apology, then I’m sorry but this criminal act has me so floored right now! Do you know what happened to Boggs’ son? His skull was fractured and his friend was curb-stomped. For those that don’t know what this heinous act entails, allow me to paint a picture. Usually the victim is knocked out, then the assailant opens the victim’s mouth and places it on a curb; usually resulting in a jaw being wired shut. It is the ultimate act of cowardice. The fact that someone of high regard (on paper) would chastise this family should be ashamed. It is an awful thing to witness.

  • mikep3

    Williams has a point. Don’t know what Boggs expects Wharton, Armstrong and others to do when you have so many police jumping ship for greener pastures in Austin, Dallas, Nashville, and other places.

  • lawman

    Let us not loose focus. The blame clearly lies upon the elected officials. We can’t turn on one another. A house divided will not stand. Praying for those young men to a speedy recovery. I too am guilty of saying something that was taken out of context. Anger will sometimes release that beastly Adam nature we have in all of us.

  • FB

    They say people are leaving Memphis because of high taxes, I say they are leaving because of high crime. The Mayors solution; lower taxes by demoralizing the police and fire departments.


    Whats “interesting” is that this is a police officer all but thumbing his nose about 2 innocent kids getting beaten near death. How “ironic” it is that his JOB is to protect and serve (at least it is in every OTHER city). Why does this pathetic excuse for a human even have a job where he can make statements like this? Police are expected to protect because THATS THEIR JOB – if you don’t like it, QUIT ! Mr Williams, I am ashamed FOR YOU. You should be brought up on charges (again) or at the very least – fired and forbidden from ever wearing a badge EVER AGAIN. You are a disgrace to the city, law enforcement, and to the human race. Maybe it will be YOU next time..Now wouldnt THAT be “ironic”?

    • DLinville

      First off, you are an f*****g idiot. The guy didn’t right the post. The bottom line is that city officials and the public showed their true colors and how they really feel about the police when they cut benefits. Let’s just put it all out on the table, this city does not want law and order. The “public” doesn’t care about anything until they are personally affected and like to second guess officers when an officer has a split second to make a decision. Here is the truth: The police don’t care what the public or the city thinks of us anymore! We are here for a paycheck and that is it. We are tired of putting our lives on the line for an ungrateful public and city officials. We are tired of no pay raises or advancement. And honestly we just don’t give a s**t anymore. You tell us to leave, well guess what, we are. You are going to get your wish when all the good officers are gone. We had 5 resign this week. That is about as blunt as I can be. To all you ungrateful s*****gs, F you!

      • Fedup

        Don’t let the door hit you in the butt you ungrateful over pampered cry baby. If your not man enough to do your job, I suggest you read a book about character and being a man, you need a lesson in both.

      • DLinville

        How do you that your wife has been pampering me? How about you grow a set and come out from behind that screen you troll!

      • Fedup

        How bout stop hiding behind that badge you cry baby. Would love to talk man to man with you on this. Unfortunately, this discussion would be one man short. Why don’t you go run prostitutes, sell drugs, drive your squad car drunk like your fellow officers are doing these days.

      • DLinville

        Name the place you loud mouth piece of garbage. You don’t have a hair on your a** to come out from behind that computer. I don’t need a badge to call bs on what you are shoveling. Kiss your wife and slap your daughter on her backside for me! Punk.

      • Fedup

        You are perfectly qualified to be a Memphis officer. Ignorant, illiterate and an embarrassment. Bout time for the next round of drug dealing, pimping and drunk officers to be at roll call.

      • DLinville

        That’s what I thought big mouth. You talk big from behind a computer but don’t have the stones to be a man. Crawl back in your hole like the b***h that you are. I pray that you never need the police you ungrateful POS!

  • anseltwo

    Mike Williams did not write the post. If you look it says via…..people are quick to judge and won’t read. Wreg…..journalism at it’s finest.

  • Fedup

    Any police officer or union leader that takes joy in a person’s misfortune is a classless lowlife. Those kids had nothing to do with the police officers insurance status and to use this opportunity to make a joke about this crime is childish. People are losing confidence in the city employees and after reading about their ridiculous benefits package they presently receive, who can blame them.

  • tasmanian devil

    I am truly sorry for what happened to those boys and to do something so horrible is completely unacceptable. I hope the cowards that did it rot in jail. When they are caught, and they will be , it will be the result of a good police investigation, and it will be the police that hunt them like the lowlifes they are.
    This is a time to come together. It is wrong what they are doing to the police and firemen. If I have to pay a little more sales tax to right that wrong that is fine with me. If I have to pay 2 cents on the dollar more to stay at a hotel, that is fine too. If those two things were done we could put all this behind us and work on saving this place before it comes apart. We do put far too much into PILOTS because our officials do not know how to sell our city. The chamber claims all of these companies come here because of PILOTS and the chamber takes credit for all the 10 dollar an hour jobs created. Many of these companies would have come here anyway and would be paying taxes lessening the burden on property owners.
    As for punishing police and fire and saying they deserve nothing “extra” for the risks they take, hours they work, holidays they miss etc., that is not a logical argument. Next we will be saying a brain surgeon should make no more than a greeter at a store. They are not paid well by private company standards , the benefits are what bring most of them here. Most people that haven’t been arrested by the police will tell you they and the firemen get nowhere near what they deserve. If you truly do think they are getting such a great deal , they are both hiring so go pick up an application……. but very few if any will because they do not want to put up with the negative aspects of both jobs and especially risk not coming home literally everyday. That is why the benefits are important. We need good people doing these jobs. Support your police and fire. They have supported you for years. Thanks for reading.

    • Fedup

      Mike Williams always says police officer don’t do the job for the money. They make a decent income. $25 or so an hr for a job that many have ZERO college is a good paycheck. Their benefits package is just ridiculous. TOO many sick days, TOO many paid holidays. TOO soon to retire, some after 25 years with many of those people being in their mid 40’s. TOO cheap insurance deductible for their family plan. Cry me a river about not drawing Social Security. You didn’t contribute 7 1/2% of your income to SS, you were able to pocket that money. I just received my latest SS statement. I have paid over 100k as my share of SS over my work career. If I had been able to keep that 100K, I would have been able to turn that 100k into a nice nest egg. If your ignorant enough to not plane your retirement by not saving anything beside your pension, that is YOUR problem, not the tax payers.

      • dinocop

        ok FEDUP lets gets you straight, first off I have contributed $110,000 to my pension, did the city match their share. NO.. NEXT there was only 2 classes where college was not required and most of those have been fired by now, the rest have to have a college degree. THIRD too many sick days.. does your job require you to be exposed to all kinds of virus and illness? mine does, I have been shot, stabbed, cut, ran over and hit with baseball bats, crow bars and 2 X 4’s, bet your job don’t doesn’t give you those opportunities. And in conclusion, before you open your mouth about my job and benefits why don’t bring your mouth and A** ad work mine for awhile, then you might earn the right to speak against it.

      • tasmanian devil

        Well unfortunately you are misinformed on several counts. According to the city’s on study police officers are not paid the national average here after the cost of living adjustment, especially supervisors. You are required to have college or what is considered a military equivalent. 25 years at any company is not an unreasonable retirement. As for the hours worked with odd shifts and an average life span of 59-61 depending on which study you believe, one from the FBI, the toll that job takes on your body is not the same as a normal job. They do deserve good insurance. They do risk their lives regularly. That 7.5% you are referring to went into the pension. The city benefitted from a pension because they only had to pay 6.2% into it as opposed to 7.5% into social security and then possibly having to offer a 401k with a possible match. They came out very well. They just misspent the money that should have been locked and earmarked into the pension, on other things. Those holidays you are referring to are by far most often worked by the employees unless they fall on there regular days off or use vacation to take them. Something most other jobs do not require you to do. The average officer would have to spend all his vacation just to get the holidays most other jobs just give off. The police and fire departments do not close. That 100k you invested in social security , which is very much like a pension (defined benefit program), may have been invested in something that lost your money, such as bank stocks in the 2008 crash. Only you know what you would have invested in. Maybe that helps diversify you, hopefully it will be there for you.
        It is not a taxpayer problem. It is a leadership and mismanagement problem. If the city didn’t pay to upkeep the roads for 20 years because they spent the money, on pet projects, and they fell apart and the city had to fix them, they would tax their way out of it. The tax increase should not be to pay the pension. That should be done as a matter of ethics and what is right. The tax should be to pay for all the ways that money was misused. If you think the police and firemen had it so well, you quite possibly would have applied there yourself. You obviously had your reasons for not doing so. Both jobs are professional jobs and should have the respect and compensation as such. Many have lost their lives doing both, many have been horribly injured doing both. They are heroes to me. I lost a friend who ran into a shooting situation even though he was off duty and he never came out. He didn’t have to do that. He is a hero. Do you know anybody that would have done the same? Maybe that is why they deserve more insurance at a better rate than a guy taking your order at a fast food chain. Not belittling that job. There is an obvious risk factor. If you just hate police and firemen than none of this will sway you but at least maybe you will see some of the realities involved.

  • tjonesmfs2

    Can’t we get Williams to take a job in one of those other cities he’s always saying want to hire Memphis cops?

  • princewatercress

    This crime happens, and instead of being a human being, Mike Williams uses this event as an excuse to act like a spoiled, spiteful and vindictive manchild with a temper tantrum. This is AFTER a boycott of Chamber of Commerce companies that almost nobody cares about as well as a “Blue Flu” and “Red Rash,” neither of which anybody was in the mood for, that takes advantage of sick days as a loophole around a local law that makes general strikes in the city illegal (if a story from News Channel 3 in early July is anything to go by) that pretty much died off after about two weeks.

    Somebody give Mike Williams a booster seat and tell him to go sit down…because he wants to act childish.


    Well it is clear that the news media (3,5,13 and the Commercial Appeal) has snowed most of the people here commenting or you are all paid by the commerce! Don’t expect any change in Memphis until you blind sheep open your eyes and WAKE UP to what is going on around you. The employees of the city are angry and yes there is always a bad apple in the bunch, referring to the police. However, Michael Williams is NOT one of them. It is clear that he did not write that statement and I am sure he probably regrets sharing that persons post. That being said, there is still a big problem in Memphis and that would be the politicians are all crooks. Memphis is notorious for crime and it starts at the top office, who knows an honest professional lawyer(Wharton)? The people protesting the commerce can see clearly that the money in the city accounts are being filtered to the politicians and the commerce is helping the city with that endeavor. Phil Trenary, President of the Greater Memphis Commerce has filed bankruptcy twice on both business he has owned or was president of, Pinnacle Airlines and Lonestar Airlines. Who decided he should be the leader of the commerce is beyond me and probably should be examined as well?!? However, it is clear that Trenary has learned to work the government and pilfer the citizens and city employee tax payers dollars. So all of you willing to throw Michael Williams under the bus should seriously examine whether this city’s administration has helped you more or have the police? I would be willing to bet no one here has seen a single dollar in their pocket because of this push by the city administration to take from the city employees.

  • Heather Pfeil

    Mike Williams did not write the post. I wrote the post. The post never said ANYONE deserved what they got. That was the media saying that. It clearly stated the irony of not supporting police and then demanding them to make their case a priority! No one took the time to read the post though. Everyone listened to the medias version of it! What a shame! It wouldn’t have made for a good story if the news reported that “nobody citizen” wrote the post so they decided to twist the story AS THEY ALWAYS DO and change it to make a story that outrages the citizens and gains more ratings! Has anyone even followed the story? Does no one see that the story doesn’t make sense. These boys were up to something. Curbing is a form of retaliation. So why were they retaliated against? Drug deal gone wrong maybe? Also they chased one for 3 blocks and no one downtown saw them? It took 6 days to report the incident? Wake Up Memphis! Look at the bigger picture!

  • Philip M Furr

    I have remained relatively silent throughout this ordeal, but after my wife showed me your post, Ms Pfeil, I was moved to comment. I am the father of Clayton Furr, the 22 year old who was assaulted, resulting in a subdural hematoma and neurosurgical craniotomy to relieve the pressure on his brain. We spent 13 days in Methodist University Hospital, most of it in the neuro-ICU. First of all, I did not read the post attributed to Mike Williams. From reading the above commentary, I surmise he did not write it. I was told it was removed in short order; I do not know why, but am left to wonder. Second, there is much misinformation out there, and I am not sure where it originated. To my knowledge, NO ONE was curbed, certainly not my son nor his friend. To suggest that my son received this injury as retaliation is ludicrous. As best we can determine, he was struck in the head from behind as he was running, trying to escape. There was another incident that same morning, approximately one hour earlier, in which a 21 year old was attacked as he withdrew cash from an ATM. His jaw was broken in two places, a molar was fractured and another tooth was knocked out. Neither he nor his family, to my knowledge has stated he was curbed. Third, you cast doubt on the crime by stating no one witnessed the crime. Police were told that 2 “homeless” men helped my son’s friend load him in the car. We are told the attack on my son occurred 3 blocks from the place his friend was robbed. Neither young man is aware of any other witnesses. Fourth, you state it took 6 days to report the incident. Unfortunately, this statement is also misleading. I am in possession of a copy of the emergency department record from Methodist University Hospital, dated 7/6/14 and timed 1234, “…police notified by ER staff nurse.” This is what my wife and I were told from the time we arrived at the hospital that evening, as we were out of town at a family gathering for the 4th of July. “The police are coming”, “The police have been notified”, ” The police will come and take a report”. This is what we were continually told. Finally, on Friday, the 11th, a friend of my wife called and gave her the name of an officer in the organized crime unit. My wife made contact with
    him and he assured us an officer would arrive in 30 minutes. As promised, a uniformed officer arrived is less than 30 minutes, took a report, then returned within the hour with her supervisor who went over the details. Another officer visited the following morning. We were told they had no record of the original report from the ER. I cannot attest as to where the ball was dropped. Unfortunately, due to his closed head trauma, my son has no memory of the events leading up to the assault or for approximately 12 hours after. Thankfully, my son is recovering well and will hopefully have no permanent neurologic impairment. Fifth, and finally, Ms. Pfeil, I can’t help but wonder, what is your stake in this tragedy? Do you have children? Your comments suggest that you perhaps think that my son got what he deserved. In my wildest imagination, I cannot believe a parent would harbor that thought. For the last two weeks, my wife has spent essentially all her waking hours devoted to bringing attention to the danger our young adults face in this city and in hopefully bringing the criminals to justice so that no one else has to go through what we have, or worse. Our son could have been killed or been left in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of his life. Can you imagine your child in this state? Try. We have no complaints with the police officers assigned to this case. Again, I cannot say why the police do not have a record of the initial report noted in the ER record. I cannot say enough good things about Methodist University Hospital. The care and concern my son and my family received was exemplary, superlative, and professional. We made many friends with the staff there. Our hope is that the police catch the criminals guilty of this crime, that the courts administer the appropriate punishment and that all Memphians will help to make Memphis a safer place for its citizens and visitors, and that in the process, Memphis will prosper.

    • M.E.M.P.H.I.S.

      2 “homeless” men loaded them in the car? Thought they where walking? Ran 3 blocks in downtown Memphis and No witnesses? Did they run past all the business and police on Beale St.? Who was robbed at the ATM? Is the crime related? The boys can’t remember any details, but one helped the other into a car? Sounds like no one knows the truth. So sad this happened. Hope all recovery from their injuries and these animals are locked up!!!

  • Philip M Furr

    To M.E.M.P.H.I.S: Please recall that my son has no memory of events leading up to and for 12 hours after the attack. The account we have is from his friend, Fulton Boggs. Yes, they were walking back to the car after leaving Raiford’s. They saw two men running toward them. Fulton has a bad knee and cannot run. My son ran the three blocks until the attackers caught up to him. When Fulton arrived and found my son unconscious, he paid two men who were near at the time to watch my son while Fulton went to get the car and return. The men then helped Fulton put my son in the car. Fulton did not see any other witnesses. Remember it was around 3:30 am, the boys had been drinking at Raifords for several hours, and, of course, were probably scared to death. They were not near Beale, did not “run past all the business(sic) or police on Beale” . Raifords is on second between Union and Madison . The car was off Main, east of the Chisca Hotel in the open 5 dollar parking lot, one to three blocks north of Beale. The robbery victim at the ATM was 21 year old Zach Feinstone. This crime occurred about an hour earlier. Zach was also at Raifords and had left to get more cash as Raifords is “cash only”. We can only speculate that the crimes are related. Zach’s friends found him and took him immediately to Methodist University Hospital. Police were notified and a report was initiated in the ER. Fulton has a reasonably clear memory of the details as his only injury was a contusion on the left side of his head and left ear. He has been our only source of information regarding the attack. As I have said repeatedly, my son is amnesic for the events before and after the attack. I think I have addressed all your concerns, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. Any more questions, please feel free to ask! PS…I would still like to hear a reply from Heather Pfeil regarding my previous post.

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