Union leader takes crack at crime victim due to benefit cuts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two young men were violently attacked in downtown Memphis.

Carol Furr’s son told police the men opened his mouth, laid him on the curb and then stomped on the back of his head.

“His jaws were wired shut, and he is at home recovering,” Furr told us.

The other man attacked is the son of the owner of Huey’s, who asked for support online.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams took issue with that because Huey’s is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, which supported a cut in healthcare benefits for city workers.

The only thing Williams took back was a Facebook post.

After we talked to him on the phone, we noticed it was deleted off his Facebook page.

“Accosted, beaten and robbed,” said Wight Boggs.

She will tell you it was hard enough talking to us about her son earlier this week.

He and his best friend were brutally beaten and robbed while walking to their car near the FedEx Forum a couple weeks ago.

Boggs sent a letter to Director Toney Armstrong, Mayor A C Wharton and District Attorney General Amy Wierich asking them to “take charge of this problem and address it head on.”

Boggs’ family owns Huey’s and prides itself on being police and firefighter friendly, offering them half off their food for years plus, but some of them aren’t showing any love.

Williams wrote on Facebook Thursday: “Wight Boggs, an owner of Huey’s is Thomas Boggs’ widow. Interesting how they are demanding police action when their family is attacked and demanding that they be protected when their business and the chamber are attacking our family. Ironic, don’t you think.”

Williams wouldn’t comment on what he said, only that he is “letting the ball roll on this one.”

Many supporters of police and firefighters were furious when the Chamber posted a picture of its employees eating at a Huey’s location on Facebook days after the vote to reduce benefits for all city employees.

As for Huey’s, they wouldn’t say much either.

“We are very sorry this whole situation has happened. We are very sorry, but we can’t comment on anything at this time,” said Shannon Little, Huey’s spokesperson.

So their customers talked for them.

“That is not what I would have said if I was in his place,” said Tripp Hullender.

“No matter what, whether you like the person or not, they should get protection from the police department,” said Ben McClain.

This isn’t the first time a local business was attacked.

Muddy’s Bake Shop was bashed on Facebook by cops, firefighters and their wives after the owner took a picture with Mayor A C Wharton.

Many of them have since apologized, while others showed up to buy items as a sign of support.

WREG talked to several other businesses who also said they were harrassed by city workers and retirees.


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