International couple loses passports, money during hotel break-in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A couple was burglarized in their Southeast Memphis hotel room. They stopped in Memphis on their way from Houston to Canada for a new job, only to have everything taken.

"I don't care about the money, I just want my passport back," said Jun Han.

Police searched their hotel after someone got into their room and took almost everything inside.

"We lost computers, wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and cash," said Han.

The couple left their room and went to enjoy the hotel's breakfast downstairs when all their stuff disappeared.

Police say the hotel room door didn't lock unless you pulled it extremely hard, which made is easy for someone to just walk right in. Police also say the hotels security cameras weren't working.

"I've been living in Memphis 20-plus years, I love the city and always want people to present Memphis as a nice, good city. I'm so sad to hear that happened," said Jesse Gan, president of the Greater Memphis United Chinese Association.

Gan spoke to the couple on the phone as they drove back to Texas, unsure where to go. He promised to connect them with the Chinese embassy and try to get them new Chinese passports so the couple can get into Canada where movers are headed with all their stuff.

In the meantime, the couple asks us all to keep our eyes peeled for their paperwork.

If you find it, please call us at WREG and we'll get you in touch with the couple.

We asked the hotel to talk about the broken door and security cameras. We were told we should hear from an owner tonight, but so far not a word.


  • Daisy Day

    People need to realize that these cheap hotels/motels have no security and are targets for criminals. I hope that they are able to get new passports and are able to get to Canada. Is there a fund being set up for them to help them pay for their trip to Canada?

  • Tray

    That’s Memphis for you. Showing its true colors. Watched Drugs Inc last night bc it featured Memphis. I was ashamed to say I was from Memphis after seeing what Memphis is full of…. Thugs, drug dealers and stone cold killers.

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