Horn Lake sees development around new Walmart site

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HORN LAKE, Miss. -- Dirt is already moving near Goodman and Horn Lake Road’s Westberry shopping development.

It’s next to Horn Lake’s proposed new WalMart Supercenter, and it’s caught the interest of numerous retailers.

”It’s been great. Phone’s been ringing today and we have a lot of interest already. We don’t have any signs up, we don’t have any real estate signs up,” said developer Dale Wilson.

Work should begin on the WalMart project within two weeks, but Wilson’s not wasting any time. Nobody here could talk specifics on individual stores, but say plans call for upscale shops and restaurants.

”I’m sure my fiance is always looking for good places to shop here in Horn Lake. We’d like some sit-down restaurants on Goodman Road, anything to generate some sales tax dollars,” said Horn Lake planning director Austin Cordosi.

He says boutique stores that sell what WalMart doesn’t are the best bet, along with some Olive Garden type restarants.

While a lot of people predict Horn Lake Development moving west, the city hasn’t forgotten it’s traditional core. Several companies have plans in the works for Bullfrog Corner.

Horn Lake’s planning director says at least one has already stepped forward.

”We’ve received application for one hotel, we’re expecting to see two more in the next month or so," Cordosi said.

He hopes, along with Wilson, to not only boost city revenues, but also change the very perception of Horn Lake from a sleepy little town to a shiny new center of the future.

”There’s gonna be a lot of customers that cross over the bridge from Southaven to Horn Lake, and they’re gonna be glad to be here," Cordosi said.

He says it will seal Horn Lake’s reputation as DeSoto County’s newest boomtown.

The city also says plans are moving ahead for a planned entertainment district.