Apartment residents say they’re scared of their own security guards

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man accused of shooting up an apartment with a woman and children inside is behind bars, but people who live at Tulane Apartments say they're still worried about their safety.

Jenico Burrus was arrested Tuesday. He faces six counts of aggravated assault and 13 counts of reckless endangerment for the July 7 shooting.

Police say he fired 20 shots into a woman's apartment while she and her young children were inside.

But residents at Tulane Apartments in Whitehaven tell WREG they still don't feel safe, and it's not criminals they're worried about - it's the own complex's security.

Kendra Kirkwood said she and her husband were inside an apartment with their children when security guards for Tulane Apartments burst through the front door.

"As soon as he came out of the bathroom, security stopped doing what they were doing and targeted him, swung on him," she said of her husband.

Kirkwood said the officers had been responding to another incident outside when they came in unannounced Tuesday night.

She admits her husband fought back in self defense after they hit him. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

But plenty of others at the complex said the security guards, who are employed by War Eagle Security, overstep their bounds.

One resident, Katrina Redmond, said, "You can't even take care of your business over here. You step out your door and police walk around with shotguns kicking your door in."

WREG's crew saw officers with bulletproof vests and handguns, but no high-powered weapons. However, a resident sent us a picture where a security guard appears to be carrying a large gun.

They also told us the guards will stop people's cars and search them without warrants.

Residents said they want security for their homes, but they want to know their rights are secure, too.

Tony Baker, who has lived in Tulane Apartments for two years, said, "There's nothing wrong with keeping the peace, but there's a certain way of keeping the peace, and the way they're going about it is not the right thing to do."

A WREG reporter tried talking to management at Tulane Apartments about these concerns. They refused to talk. WREG also called War Eagle Security for comment, but never got a call back.


  • Derby

    Well then if you don’t like what that hell-hole has to offer then take yo kids and wellfare money down the street to the hell-hole with no security.

  • John T. Dwyer

    I call stuff like this “historical reality check.” For years Memphis Police have been booed, shooed, and sued, by thugs who got the same treatment along with a free, all expenses paid, 3 day stay at the old John Gaston Hospital. Then, lawyers began filing lawsuits against the City of Memphis and then the individual officers, in some cases. Policemen got wiser and just simply dropped the reigns. Legislators of state and federal realms began writing laws to prevent police abuse, and more protections for the criminal element..

    Now we have private security guards roaming around kicking doors in, roughing up people, thumping heads, kicking a$$, physically running off the bums and taking names. Apartment complex tenants wanted safety and they got it. They fail to remember that security guards are just one step above private citizen. They fail to remember there is no Internal Affairs to go whine to. These private companies are regulated by the state and can dissolve like a handful of dandilion puffs if sued, or legally challenged. Records get lost, names forgotten, folks leave town and uniforms change colors.

    People at Tulane Apartments wanted to have a nice place to live and raise kids without bullets whizzing through the windows. Have property unmolested. Be able to go to work and come home to a place decent and liveable. Well they have it! A fraction don’t like it. So, as a previous poster said…take yourself elsewhere!
    I know several security guards, and can assure you they will disassemble your a$$, if you refuse to do what they command…not ask,,,but command. Oh! None of them are white by the way. (as that seems to matter on these boards)

  • tasmanian devil

    I fear because of how Memphis is treating it’s police and with so many of them leaving, that they will be forced to reduce their hiring standards. What if they start hiring people you do not want call? If I remember right a lady speaking at city council said something about the police department starting to take waivers for criminal charges that before would not have been considered. If that is the answer as to how to replace the officers leaving, then please give me the sales tax, and use some of it to fix these roads before that too gets out of hand and beyond a hope of being fixed. These are two safety issues that need to be addressed. I want the sharpest and brightest officers we can get on the streets. I don’t want to drive the sharpest and brightest away so we have a new problem that will drive people away from Memphis even faster. That is a true safety hazard.

  • not sure

    Its private property if signs are up they can search cars on property without a warrant. The 4th ammendment applies to the government from searching your property without cause or due process.

  • Arguenot

    I bet those security guards had a reason to go busting into those apartments. And it amazes me, some crazy thug goes shooting an apartment up, with a woman and children inside, and they are complaining about the security guards… NOT the shooter?
    4th Amendment does not apply to security companies. Which do these residents want? Safety for their children, of privacy for the trunk of their car??
    Security Guards get shot at, and killed too often in Memphis… I would expect them to do everything necessary so they go home to their families at night.

  • Ralph Noyes

    Thug vs thug. This is Memphis for you.

    One thing for sure, black security guards are known to be vicious toward Hispanic tenants, so it does not surprise me in the slightest that they’re also vicious toward black tenants as well.

    Memphis is the sort of town where dumb people with a high level of aggression want to be cops — or security guards — or gangbangers. Essentially the same people.

  • The end

    Theses guys look like they are doing a fine job , you want rights call the police. You want justice go find your security guard he will get it for you then call the popo. 10 to 12 bucks an hour and you think these guards are gonna take
    $h£t. I seriously doubt it they came to tcb partner they didn’t come to listen to some cra:k #oe to run her mouth

  • Joel Bird

    God help the security officers. Under paid and unappreciated. They are fast becoming the first line of defense as the Memphis police struggle with a city that has turned their back on benefits and pay. The city as a whole clearly doesn’t want top drawer police or security officers. Hey, I have an idea…let’s make it mandatory for men and women 21 yrs and up to serve two years in the city as police men and women. Let’s start with A.C.!

  • CC

    oh whatever…i live in an apartment complex that uses the same low down security guards and they are awful. Came home one night a few weeks ago and although I was wrong for leaving my ID at home, I had proof that I lived on the property. I had my sons iPad in the front seat of my car and they wanted to know how I could afford an iPad. I told them NOT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS…then they told me that I needed to move off their property and threatened to have me arrested for not carrying my ID with me. Once one of the guards realized that I was the person whos apartment had been broken into a few months ago and I was attacked he told the other guard to leave me alone and let me be on my way. Not to mention that this was at 12 am when I was coming home from work. I shouldn’t have even stopped for them. They were hanging out in the front with a large group of men and just walked up to my car as I was pulling in. How was I supposed to know they were “security guards” when all they have are flashlights. They could have been trying to rob me. They have no rights to interrogate residence the way they do. My downstairs neighbors had an incident last week with guards trying to bust out his window to do an “inspection”. Dont they have keys to the doors in the office? Why would you need to bust out a window and destruct property just to see if an unit was vacant? They are taking their jobs way too far. Ill be so glad to get out of this jungle.

  • not okay

    It seems no one can get along, no one is ever happy and the number one issue in Memphis is race. How about the character of the person, not the color of the skin. A thug is a thug, white, black, brown, red or purple. If you are acting like a fool where you live and you have guards to protect the law abiding folks. Then DON’T GET UPSET when you are treated like the fool you are! Carry your sorry self down to another complex where you have to have iron on your doors and the windows boarded up so when you walk by the door or the window you may miss that stray bullet.
    Quite complaining, at least you have protection!

  • Michael

    Better yet if they dont like it get a job, call lending tree, get a mortgage, and stop living off the state. Do that and stop taking care of these thugs with state money thats for the well keeping of their children that they constantly keep having cause they cant keep em closed…. Sounds perfect to me! Allow them to do their jobs. You stay on some one elses property not your own… sooooooo whos gonna hire them?

  • Security Guard

    War Eagle is doing an ok job but if you want real security that takes care and looks out for rhe residents like escorting them home when they came in late and keeping all the crackheads prostitutes and pimps and robbers off the property call the guys @ Flagship Security they take care of business!!!!!!!

  • John T. Dwyer

    Call Internal Affairs! Or the HMFIC at the security company! Call the FBI or your council person!
    Call Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Henri Brooks! Hire a private attorney (that is, if you can afford his/her $1500 initiation fee). In short: BRUHAWHAWHAW!

    All this pandering that has gone on for years about “get the cops” “police brutality”, has now disappeared. As a poster mentioned earlier, there are very little safeguards constitutionally in place to protect one’s coming and going on a private lot if confronted by private security.

    Also, worrying about private security wandering the area vs. concern with the child and people shot, at, bespeaks well the attitude in place at the moment.

    To me, having patrolled in the Dixie Homes, Foote, Fowler, Cleaborne and LeMoyne Gardens area for a number of years….give me those people back, as opposed to what is out there now. These residents watched out for each other, took care of each other, and mostly respected each other. If you went into these former areas and started some mess, we usually got a call about an unconscious party in a dumpster!

  • Ralph Noyes

    Memphis — where raging, animalistic aggression is THE substitute for the intelligence that is SO lacking.

    Memphis is SO Third World. If we wanted an upgrade, we could hire the Ton Ton Macoutes from Haiti.

  • Your Daddy

    Y,all are all a bunch of idiots including reporters from this liberal drama loving site and news station

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