Unions looking for support from Memphis area ministers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The police union spoke before the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association Tuesday asking for their help.

The city is planning to cut healthcare benefits for employees to help pay off pension debts, but a public endorsement from the MBMA may help rally support to get a half-cent sales tax plan on the ballot.

The Afro-American Police Association presented a list of ideas at Tuesday's meeting. It includes the half-cent sales tax, building an amusement park on Mud Island, and even borrowing money from MLGW. They say it's going to take more than one of these ideas to solve the city's problems.

Pastor Dwight Montgomery with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference presented the idea of supporting the half-cent sales tax.

He said, "I believe in this organization every pastor has somebody who is either retired or present city employee."

Montgomery hopes the MBMA will vote to officially endorse a half cent sales tax.

"I told them something they already know. This is affecting our city, and this is an embarrassing situation," he said.

Mayor A C Wharton says he stands behind these cuts because it puts the city on path toward covering the current pension shortfall, but wouldn't oppose a vote on the half-cent sales tax. He just won't put his name on it either.

Pastor Montgomery added, "It is not the only solution, but it is a step in the right direction."

He says this isn't about putting politics in the pulpit, but rather protecting the people. The pastor is putting the SCLC behind it because he says this organization was founded by leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King to protect workers, and he hopes the MBMA will do the same.

The official endorsement vote will be held next Tuesday.


  • The church cant print money

    Whoa, hold your horses there. Churches cannot be involved in politics. That makes them a Political Action Committee. You know freedom FROM religion and all that other liberal horse hockey that is thrown in the face of the Tea Party. Two faced hypocrites. Idiotic members of the union donate their pay to Democrats to get the Democrats elected and the Democrats give the unions pay and benefits that have caused financial ruin. Any sane working person flees the scene and takes their tax dollars with them because socialism/communism doesn’t work, never has worked, and never will work. Now that they cant use other peoples money they seem confused by the situation. Might want to look up the definition of hypocrite, corruption, and cronyism comrades. Evidently it is okay to bring God into the equation when it is your goose getting cooked.

  • lawman

    Yes you have put politics in the pulpit. You speak of supporting this particular group. Here’s a thought why not support increasing minimum wage. But that would be asking too much and it would effect so many people. To much like right. I will say this again. What profits a man to gain the world and loose his soul. I since a hidden agenda. Wake up, the Mayor is clearly telling you he doesn’t want his name on it however he will not dispute it. Guess who wins?

    • lawman

      The Mayor wins and the the cycle starts all over again the Mayor will find another vehicle to push his interior motive and it will be at the cost of tax payers.

  • impulse item

    Afro-American police association? That sounds kinda racist don’t it? Or it would be if it was the Anglo- American police association.

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