Car hits two teenagers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A car hit two teenagers at Hillview Avenue and Neely Road in Whitehaven Tuesday night.

A few pieces of police tape are all that remain from an accident that happened here at the intersection. Neighbors say it’s a common route for kids who are passing through to see their friends.

Josiah Jackson was at home when it happened.

He said, “I heard a pop. I didn’t think much of it though, until I saw the blue lights.”

That pop Jackson heard was a car hitting some kids in the street just a few feet from his front door.

“We saw police cars all up there. And by the time we made it to our neighbors house we saw the girl in the road.”

Police say 2 girls were waiting to cross the street when Brandy Carter stopped and waived them across, just as she did, an 88-year-old man in a white car came through the intersection and hit them both.
They bounced off his car and landed on top of hers. Police cited her for driving with a suspended license, the other driver has not been ticketed. The kids were rushed to regional medical center in critical condition.

“It’s just kind of messed up because we see them playing in the streets all the time.”

Hillview is a pretty busy street with 4 lanes of traffic. But one thing you wont see here are sidewalks. Jackson says he isn’t allowed to cross the street once it gets dark for that very reason. he didn’t know the girls who were hit, but hopes they are OK.


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