Candidate lied and said he served as a Green Beret

HORN LAKE, Miss. — North Mississippi voters will get their say on who represents them in Congress in November.

Gary Couture says honesty counts, ”It’s pretty important. If they’re not going to be honest, they shouldn’t hold public office.”

But Mississippi first district Congressional candidate Ron Dickey of Horn Lake opened up a hornet’s nest when he reportedly “embellished” his resume.

Dickey’s no stranger to local politics. He ran the campaign of Hester McCray-Jackson in the most recent Horn Lake Mayor’s race.

It’s Dickey’s claim to have served among the Army’s elite Green Berets and in Iraq that has veterans across Mississippi angry.

The Tupelo Daily Journal confirmed Dickey served in the Army in Korea, and wore a green beret, as a cook.

Dickey later backed off the Green Beret claim.

He also claims to have a degree from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, which has a record of his attendance, but not his graduation.

The DeSoto Sheriff’s Department has an arrest record on Dickey from a couple of years ago on a bad check charge, but there’s no record of any conviction.

We reached Dickey, who told us by phone he was in Jackson, in an all-day seminar.

He promised to call us back but we’re still waiting for him to explain some of his claims.

Meantime, veterans say they’re not happy.

”For somebody to just arbitrarily say, well, I’m a Green Beret or I was a Navy SEAL, that’s very wrong. I would not vote for somebody like that, no I wouldn’t,” said Vietnam veteran Andy Moore.

Dickey wants to replace popular Tupelo Republican Alan Nunnelee, who’s been recovering from brain tumor surgery.

Voters say Dickey’s resume polishing gives them pause.

”Shouldn’t be running for public office,” said Couture.

None of what Dickey has done with his campaign is illegal; in fact, several big-name politicians have been caught doing similar things.

What matters most is what voters think, and they’ll get their say in November.


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