Are crooks targeting salon workers in Collierville?

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Collierville, Tenn. -- Collierville police are investigating if muggers are targeting Asian salon workers for their cash after they leave work.

"You feel kind of embarrassed and a little bit dumb because you're like, oh if I had just done this differently, then it probably wouldn't have happened."

Attiana Jerdon works at a salon in Collierville. She's also the victim of a burglary.

Jerdon said, "People are being followed home and then when they get out of the car people run up and grab them and steal their car and stuff like that."

Police told WREG they're investigating if criminals are targeting Asian women, but Jerdon says she thinks anyone who works for tips could be in danger because people know they have cash on them.

"People do look out for each other so you get those phone calls saying beware and take that extra step to be careful," she said.

WREG spoke to another woman at a beauty supply shop who said someone took her purse as she was walking into her home last night.

She says they used her bank card at a local gas station before she closed the account. She hopes it helps police find out who did it.

In the meantime, women told WREG they are paying much more attention when they walk out the door with cash in hand.

Jerdon said, "I tend to be a little more paranoid driving around now because you think of Collierville as a safe place, but after this last little bit, it's been making you kind of nervous."


  • Ching Ching 88

    Maybe if the Collierville PD was more interested in fighting crime than photo ops, u may be right. But again, these crooks are not scared of anything. They know the CPD is probably taking radar on a lonely dirt road so they are not paying attention to what happens in the big city of Collierville. SMH

    • Ching Ching 88

      Ha. I have a clean record. But I know how these thugs think. Get out of ur little bubble and get in reality. I have worked in the crim justice system. u can be a victim, or a hero. U must be a cop. U have to defend yourself. Dont depend on the popo. Go back to eating your frozen dinner and watching Bridget Jones. thinking u are safe. Loser

  • wonderwhatcolortheperpsare

    The takers are beginning to outnumber the makers. Arm yourselves to the teeth!

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