Puppies abandoned in rural Frayser, residents unable to get homes for them

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Amber Sowell can't seem to escape dogs since she moved into her home on Egypt Central Road, “Do we have a sign somewhere who says ‘Sowell Dog Rescue?'”

In June, WREG took action.

We got city crews out here after someone was dumping dead or nearly dead dogs in Sowell's street and on her front lawn.

Now they're back, and this time its puppies.

They’re just a few weeks old and were dumped on Sowell's front lawn.

“I can't take care of them, I can't have them, I have three kids and I can't afford it,” said Sowell.

They're not the only ones.

Someone abandoned an older dog on Egypt Central Road, too.

His collar and leash were still attached.

The Sowells called animal control and 311, like the city requested they do if this happened again, but yet again they got no help, “It just went to voice mail, voice mail boxes are full,” said Sowell.

The wait proved dangerous.

The dumped dog was attacked in the middle of the night.

He came back to their door, bleeding from bite marks and cuts.

“There's wild, vicious dogs that's been out here for years,” said Sowell.

Even in his condition, there's no help for him.

No answer for our calls to the city, and the humane society is just out of room.

Katie Pemberton of the Humane Society promised to help if someone would step forward and agree to foster the puppies temporarily until space opens up at the shelter.

If you are interested in fostering, please email llarrabee@memphishumane.org



  • The O'Donnells

    This is nothing new in this city. I see this all the time in Frayser since I am a 35 year Frayser resident. I have called animal control and the humane society concerning several homes in my neighborhood concerning dogs being left behind after people move or dogs that are chained up with no shelter or food or water. The animal protection places in this city don’t seem to care until the news is brought in. I knew of two dogs that were chained up in North Memphis that died from being malnourished. I called the authorities and all they did was took a report. The cops that came out said they would wait for the dogs to die then press charges against the owner. It is amazing the lack of respect this animalistic society of Memphis has for the animals or humans that cant protect themselves. Go Memphis you are #1 at not giving a $-h-I-t about anything but your sorry politics and whining union workers.

    • P Letendre

      Totally agree with you. Let’s vote the leaders out who don’t enforce animal cruelty and show compassion.

  • Alpo

    There is a cheap and simple solution to all of this animal over population it works in very well in China it is called a bullet. And that even works for the city as a whole since it is one big zoo. All animals/human over population needs to be controlled.

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