Collierville officer getting kudos for Kroger kindness

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A small gesture from a Collierville police officer is getting big praise on social media.

A Kroger employee posted two photos to Facebook of an officer buying some groceries for a family.

The officer apparently had pulled the family over and while speaking with them, realized they could use some help.

The employee wrote, “…water, baby formula (not cheap), and diapers. Not much but it helped them get by. Everyone give a round of applause to this officer!”

The kindness of the officer apparently had a Pass It On effect, “I’m also proud to say that Kroger followed the officer’s lead and gave the family prepaid Kroger gift cards to help them with their next Kroger shopping experience.”

We reached out to the officer, but were told he doesn’t want any praise for his good deed and would rather not be identified.

Kroger officials said they were more than happy to help, but also were not seeking media attention.


  • Steve

    The stupid is strong in the comments of this story. The officer IS black, but who cares? Why should he only help black people? Would you care if whites did that? Spoken like a true racist.
    To the other commenter… No, that isn’t Walmart. The Kroger employee took the pic, amd the news talked to him. Please stop breathing my air.

  • nothing but the truth

    The officer is African American, the people he is helping are Latin and who cares. Good deed and refreshing to see.

  • KT1128

    This same family is standing at the Kroger at HWY 64 and Fletcher Trace right now saying that they need food, I don’t know if they are truthful or not, but from Collierville to Cordova the same day and this is not the first time that I have seen them standing there, makes you wonder.

    • Smh

      I was just about to post this , hopefully they are being honest because it’s too hot to be out here….. With those kids …… How did they get from one side of town to the next ????

  • Cordova viewer

    I saw these folks standing by the Rafferty’s sign at the entrance to Target & Wal Mart at Germantown Parkway and Trinity Sunday afternoon. Professional scam artists.

  • Ching Ching 88

    Why the hate?? Cause people are sick of this police state. Another obvious PR stunt. Cops have to do everything they can these days to appear positive towards the public. It was probably set up by Collierville PD

  • William Weston

    It isn’t ours to judge. Unless you understand Who has the right to judge, you cannot even begun to fathom the actions of the police officer.

  • whitedemons

    Dear Black Officer, Your kindness towards childern is commendable BUT dont forget no other race stands up for our ppl and why are you not thinking of your own ppl first or are you a white man negro?

  • Kay

    Good for him but I hope this is not a scam they are running all over town like the other poster mentioned

  • Non Biased

    @WhiteDemon…people are people. This city has to get past the “us against them” attitude. Plenty of people from other races have stood up for “our people’ while so many of “our people” are killing each other. Go to the mission, go to some local churches and see who are actually helping “our people”, while MOST of our people just complain. In fact, what are you doing to help “our people” other than commenting on social media. Race is making this city spiral downward, when all we have to do is put a plug in it!!! Do people here enjoy hate? Is it recreation? It seems most of the people who watch this site (white and black) are just looking for a story that they can turn into a racial issue…because they enjoy it. So sad!

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

      @Nonbiased keep living your fairy tale. Why should negros accept everybody and take the higher ground when nobody else has 2? Gtfo out of here with that we shall overcome bull.

  • whitedemonsandblkfools

    Non biased save your white liberal bull I do my good deeds in private my ppl first everybody else 2nd have witnessed first hand the exploiting in the shelters AND get in negro behind so save it fool

    • Non Biased

      Whitedemons…I will pray that you allow the love of God enter your heart. You have more in common with racists of other colors than you realize. Some of those ‘white liberals’ love you more than some black folks. Call me names all you like…I won’t reciprocate. God Bless you.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased no white person loves a negro more than a white you are not a fool we got different views I dont trust whites at all and no black fools only black ppl who love themselves

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        The only God you have is those whites you love to worship. You are truly sick. Its a crime for a negro to love his ppl more than any other but not for whites? You sound like a brain washed skin bleaching weave wearing fool.

    • Non Biased

      You have a right to your views, but you honestly sound to me like someone who never went to school or lived with white people which has led to your distrust. God expects us to love each other equally. I have dear friends of all races. I have white friends who have proven themselves to me time-and-time again. You don’t have to hate, or distrust others in order to love “your people”. I believe in looking at character rather than race.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased you sound like a fool. A few whiteys pat you on the head you think you are smart or special? Take your brain washed slave minded self hating behind and hang. Your reply proves my theory.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased you are worse than any whitey. You report my comments because I am not foolish enough to buy into your weave wearing skin bleaching white folks worshipping self hating kool aid? How white of you

    • Non Biased

      Satan has you brainwashed. I think you just proved mine. Your understanding of relationships with white people is reduced to associating friendliness to “pats on the head”. You associate rich, diverse friendships with “white worshiping”. You simplify loyalty to color, when clearly many of ‘our people’ wouldn’t have a problem with shooting you down for a few dollars.That is a slave mentality. And, you are me judging me based on your assumptions. I don’t have a weave wearing mentality. My wife wears her hair natural. You, just like some of the racists you hate, can’t disagree without insults. Memphis’ culture will continue to deteriorate unless people learn to SEEK COMMON GROUND. I actually feel sorry that you lack the joy of diverse relationships. People who think like you are just as big of a problem as the white racists you hate. As I said, I will pray for you. God Bless.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased go be the dog at your masters table and beg for acceptance while being patted on your head. Satan has nothing to do WITH this simply WHAT I see only a fool preaches forgivness while bombs are dropping on your ppl head. You and your weave wearing folks are slaves.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased negro I have been exposed to many culutures travelled extensively domestically and abroad even have a foreign wife. So save your pathetic attempt at psychoanalysis. Every single place colored ppl follow white influence misery follows.

    • Non Biased

      Jesus teaches forgiveness, and loving your enemies…is He a fool. NO! You only believe what you want to believe. I told you there is no ‘weave wearing’ in my house. I’m well aware of the ‘Black Experience’, but I’m not held hostage by it like you. You keep on living in your angry world…when you get ready to get out of it, there is a whole new world of opportunity, experiences and relationships when you are ready for it. I advice you to get out of Memphis for a period of time and see how the world really is…you have obviously been sheltered in ignorance (not an insult, ignorance is lack of knowledge and experiences). I have only lived here 10 years and I have never seen anything like it before in my life. People who refuse to progress. I promise to pray for you.

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased how dare you lie on Jesus? Jesus was no wimp. Have you forgotten the incident in the temple? You proably even support Israeli foolishness as well. You hide behind religion that you dont even understand. Pray for yourself negro. God helps those who help themselves white worshipping self hating negro. You got the audacity to imply its wrong to love blacks over all others! GTFO

      • whitedemonsandblkfools

        Non biased you are the type of negro that if he saw a run away slave you would help your white masters capture him. You lie on Jesus like he was a passive wimp. God sends men to warn the ppl not wimps. You enforce mental slavery Blacks are in a condtion due to self hatred destructive behavior AND ALL you pumpkin headed church folks scream is forgivness no action pathetic negro

  • John T. Dwyer

    For whitedemonsandblackfools…Malcolm X once asked the question, and I now ask it of you:
    Who taught you to hate yourself?

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

      John I love myself and my ppl more than anybody I am NOT foolish to hate myself as the opressor put into most blacks its not about hating all whites its about the opresssors

  • Ching Ching 88

    Maybe that cop should be on patrol to stop the robberies in Collierville that News Channel 3 is reporting tonight. Instead of the PR stunts from this story. This is why cops are RESPONDERS to crime, not stoppers of crime.

  • Non Biased

    White people don’t force black people to run down our own communities…it’s a choice. White influence hasn’t caused the decline of so many neighborhoods here in Memphis. There are plenty of progressive Black neighborhoods in America, but they are filled with people who think more progressively than you and don’t blame everything on ‘the White man”…it’s your excuse. I’m glad you are so well traveled, too bad you didn’t allow it to let you grow. Read your bible and grow:-)

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