Collierville officer getting kudos for Kroger kindness

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A small gesture from a Collierville police officer is getting big praise on social media.

A Kroger employee posted two photos to Facebook of an officer buying some groceries for a family.

The officer apparently had pulled the family over and while speaking with them, realized they could use some help.

The employee wrote, “…water, baby formula (not cheap), and diapers. Not much but it helped them get by. Everyone give a round of applause to this officer!”

The kindness of the officer apparently had a Pass It On effect, “I’m also proud to say that Kroger followed the officer’s lead and gave the family prepaid Kroger gift cards to help them with their next Kroger shopping experience.”

We reached out to the officer, but were told he doesn’t want any praise for his good deed and would rather not be identified.

Kroger officials said they were more than happy to help, but also were not seeking media attention.


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