Why there are so many commercials for Tennessee Supreme Court justices

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- In the Informed Sources’ ad watch this week, they talk about why you're seeing so many commercials for Tennessee Supreme Court justices this election.

They also share some observation about the commercial for Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham.


  • Supreme Court is Illegal

    Short lesson on TN Supreme Court that the liberal media will NEVER print. TN Constitution says Supreme Court is to be elected by the people. Instead the Judges are APPOINTED by the Governor, which is illegal. In November there will be a question to AMEND the TN Constitution to allow the Governor to APPOINT Judges instead of ELECTED by the people. Since they are already APPOINTING why do they want this Amendment? To make Legal their Illegal APPOINTMENTS is why. VOTE NO!! It gets worse. We are the ONLY STATE where the state Attorney General is APPOINTED by our Supreme Court. So Liberal Judges APPOINT a LIBERAL AG who picks LIBERAL candidates to present to the Governor to replace the LIBERAL Judge who quits or is replaced. FIXED GAME!! VOTE REPLACE FOR ALL JUDGES regardless of who they are. The whole system is corrupt.

  • dumbed down voters

    Vote REPLACE is correct. And as for the amendment in November, the politicians have messed that up also. Instead of AMENDING the Constitution to make appointments legal, they should be amending it to get rid of the Supreme Court appointment of the Attorney General to stop this corruption. We actually will be voting on 4 Amendments in November. 1. Abortion 2. Appointing judges 3. State Income Tax 4. Lottery I will wager less than 1/10th of 1% of the voters have any idea of these amendments and what they are for? Of course most voters don’t have a clue who their Senators, Congressmen, or any other representatives is either. All people are told is the Democrat gives me stuff and the Republicans take it away and THEY BELIEVE IT!!

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