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Robbers wanted in the Mid-South

07261405 car

MEMPHIS,Tenn – A Crime Check for East Memphis where a pair of armed robbers have struck three times in the past two weeks.

The latest robbery was Saturday morning at the SunTrust bank at Poplar and Highland.

It was a woman who gave the teller a note demanding money, then went outside and drove off in a car.

Investigators tell us a grey sedan is likely the getaway car.

Anyone with information about the car, the woman or any of these robberies, call CRIME STOPPERS at 528-CASH


  • Jim Hartsfield

    I called Crime Stoppers Years ago about two guys with guns in their hands running from a building and was told “Look man, we are on our lunch hour, call back some other time when you really have something to report.” And I could hear them laughing as they hung up on me. So it was and is in my opinion from that day until now as I type this that Crime Stoppers is useless.

  • The_Hero

    Jim, who cares … you could have keep that to yourself …. why didn’t you try to stop the guys since you’re such a standup guy and all. You’re as useless or more useless as crime -stoppers.

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