Manholes cause damage to Memphis vehicles

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Inverted manhole covers reportedly sent drivers to repair shops to fix damaged tires and wheels.

One of the inverted covers was located on Shelby Drive at Airways. Michael Ridley, contacted WREG after he said he hit the inverted cover and it slashed a hole in his tired and cracked his rim.

Another driver, reported a similar situation along Shelby Drive closer to Lamar.

MLGW owned the manhole cover in question and said they were not aware of anyone removing, inverting, or stealing the covers.

As odd as it sounds, reports of stolen manhole covers stretch from New Orleans, to New York City.  Some are taken and used as art work, others sold for scraps.

MLGW spokeswoman, Gayle Carson Jones, said she would look into the reports of manhole cover problems, but was not immediately aware of an issue.

If you wind up with damage from a cover owned by MLGW you’re advised to contact them. An inspector will review what happened to you and determine if the company is liable.

Usually, the need to know there’s an issue, before they accept responsibility.



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