Germantown kicks off new school district

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – Hundreds of families celebrated the start of a new school district in Germantown.

“It’s a little bit of a transition for her to have to change schools, but we just felt it might be a better move for us to go with the Germantown Municipal School District,” Kristin Dickerson said.

Dickerson got fed up with dealing with problem after problem with Shelby County.

“We had big hiccups last year at the start of the Shelby County School District,” Dickerson explained.

Dickerson is trying something new and so are the other parents who came to celebrate the launch of the new school district.

“For us it means the chance to focus on issues that are strictly Germantown’s issues,” Superintendent Jason Manuel said.

Manuel claimed dealing with the smaller school system will give them a chance to focus more attention on the students.

However, he admitted putting together a school system in six months is not easy.

“Setting up a payroll system, setting up a transportation system. All of those things had to be done in a short period of time,” Manuel said.

Some things still have not been taken care of, including signing contracts with Durham Services to make sure kids can get between home and school.

“She will rely on the bus.  So the bus thing is a concern,” Dickerson said.

Saturday was about the the celebration and parents having trust that the new district will get everything together come day one of the first day of school.


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