What’s causing your cellphone to get so hot?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People were shocked to learn their every day habits with their phones and tablets may be putting them in danger.

Deborah Stines says she always has her phone on her.

"I sleep with my phone because it's my life."

She says her phone gets really hot all the time, and she's developed a unique way of dealing with it.

"It gets really hot. I just take off the back and let it cool off. Stick it in the freezer."

If you look online, you'll find videos and images of people who have had this same problem with their Samsung phone. Some of the damage is alarming.

Phone experts say a lot of times this problems stems from over-charging it.

Ala Sweileh is a phone expert.

He said, "A phone is like a car. When it's full, you don't keep putting gas in it. When it's empty, that's when you put gas in it."

So when there's too much juice in the battery, it can get really hot, and in some cases, start to smoke.

Experts say you need to know when to give it a rest.

"Some people say oh my phone doesn't last. Well, if you are playing candy crush 24/7, your WiFi is on, your GPS is on," said Sweileh.

So be careful about leaving it in your car or near your bed.

Stines said, "I like my face. I don't want to be burnt up."

Experts also say to make sure you're using chargers that are meant for the phone. Sometimes the generic brand doesn't match up and can burn out the battery.


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