School bus contracts still not finalized as start of year looms nearer

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- With a little more than a week away from the start of school, there's a bus battle  going on in the suburbs.

Disagreement over sharing buses means contracts aren't signed, and parents are in the dark on where their kids will get picked up for school.

Districts are trying to share buses and  the company in charge of everyone is trying to make sure they have enough drivers since school starts in just ten days.

Families are squeezing in that last bit of summer time  before school starts again in a little more than a week. While  supply lists are crossed off and schedules passed out, in almost every district there's still uncertainty on bus routes, with parents still unsure where their kids will be picked up and when.

Durham is the bus company hired to bring kids to school for all the suburban districts and SCS, but as of tonight, no contract has been signed between Durham and some of the districts. Bartlett, Collierville, and Germantown are still arguing over costs, and bell times. What it means for parents is they still don't know if their kids bus stop is in front their door or a half mile away, and they don't have much time for a back-up plan.

Until things are finalized, Durham still doesn't know exactly how many buses and drivers they need. We're a week before school and they're still actively looking for more people to carry out kids.

Everyone's operating on the plan in place and expecting some problems, but say they'll deal with them. If you have a CDL and need a job, Durham wants to hear from you. Call 800-950-0485.