Police arrest suspect wanted for murder

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday evening Memphis Police captured Edgar Smith in the 3600 block of Tuchuloma Road after running from police and hiding in a drainage ditch.

He was wanted for the murder of 23-year-old Marvin Davis, who was shot and killed in the 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer on Wednesday.

Smith was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder and Murder in Perpetration of a Robbery.


  • Don

    The Memphis Fire Department is assisting. they loaned MPD a ladder and demonstrated how it worked before the police could go down and capture the suspect.
    There is a rumor that the director was about to order the officers to “stand down.”

    • tracy Taylor

      Memphis police don’t even investigate we be thinking the system works like law and order but know they get anybody and close the case but unfortunately they found dna in this person finger nail

  • tracy Taylor

    They do that all the time capature the wrong people for robberys and convict them but but let go a stone cold criminal and they get out and commit violent crimes
    Memphis police have a lot to do with that it just half backward.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    If I saw a man looks like this, walking on sidewalk by my house,I would have to wait til he passed on by to walk out.I hope I Dont have nightmares tonight looking at that face.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

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  • canadianwhiskeygirl

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