Neighbors of victim find closure with arrest in hit-and-run case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Hunter Queen is behind bars, trying to make bail. Neighbors of one of his victims say they were shocked to learn the man police say killed her was training to be a law officer.

"That's just real wrong. I feel bad for her friends and family."

Crystal Murry says she feels better today knowing police caught the man they say killed Jessika Cavazos who used to live just across the street in a house on Griffon Drive in Cordova.

Cavazos and Derrick Cross were killed in a hit-and-run last August at I-40 and Warford at 3 o'clock in the morning. Neighbors have been wondering who did it, and now they have closure.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Department tells WREG Hunter Queen was two months out from completing his training with the Sheriffs office, when Memphis police arrested him at the training center Thursday.

Police say Queen was the one driving the Dodge pickup truck that killed Cavazos and Cross, and then drove away.

Murray said, "I think he should have turned himself in knowing he wanted to be a sheriff. It was wrong of him to leave her there. That's just sad."

Queen was in court Friday, charged with two counts of murder, reckless homicide, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The Sheriff's Department says they do their own background checks before a recruit starts training. They say they had no knowledge of Queen's involvement in the hit and run until MPD showed up to arrest him.

Neighbors say the man Cavazos lived with has moved out of the house on Griffon, but they still think about her when they look across the street.

Murry says some of her co-workers were friends with Cavazos and they can't wait to tell them the case may be closed.

Queen will be back in court in August.


  • Hard Truths

    Considering the parade of psychopaths that turn up arrested — and are COPS — in Memphis every two weeks or so, this is just another day in Memphis.

    Just how many rotten apples discovered does it take before rational people conclude the whole barrel is rotten?

    Yes, there may be a FEW good apples, but the barrel is FULL of rotten apples.

    In Memphis and Shelby County, police are a super-privileged criminal class.

  • Carol L. Cima

    We out here in Oregon are so grateful to hear this news but very puzzled that the severity of the crime is not keeping this guy in jail. 2 charges of murder and you still can post bail ? We are suppose to be the liberals, not the south. Does anyone know if he lived by himself? Seems someone else living in the house would be asking questions about the truck in the garage? Since we can’t be there, I plead with you to keep these people in mind and out there. We are grateful for your interest.

  • Ralph Noyes

    About 8 years for the FIRST drunken-driving killing conviction, and more for the second.

    Should be — but won’t — be served consecutively.Only 3-5 years real time.

    I find it ASTONISHING that he got into cop school after committing this crime.

    Obviously some basic psychological screening did not occur.

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