Some say Mississippi’s sales tax holiday should be expanded

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Back-to-school shopping can cost hundreds of dollars for families.

This weekend, Mississippi families get a break on some items.

The state tax-free holiday ends Saturday at midnight.

With three growing kids who constantly need new clothes, the Hillhouse family stocked up.

In just one store, the family saved about $15.

“It was awesome to see the savings!” said mom Kelli Hillhouse.

“What does that do for your family?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“So much, especially in this economy. I couldn't ask for a better deal,” replied Hillhouse.

Unlike other states, Mississippi tax-free deals stop at just clothes and shoes priced under $100.

If you plan on buying school supplies or computers this weekend, you still have to shell out that sales tax.

Teacher, Traci Pinkler is happy to hear her student`s families can save on some things this weekend, but she is a little bummed the savings didn't hit her wallet, “I bought a rug for my classroom. I wish I could have gotten that tax-free.”

In the end, Pinkler and parents said not getting a tax break on supplies isn't too big of a deal.

“No, he's got to have it anyway,” said mom Brajun Lyle.

They`ll subtract dollars and cents where they can.

In Panola County, Crenshaw opted out of the sales tax holiday.

Next week, Tennessee and Arkansas are having their sales tax holidays.

Tennessee’s runs Friday August 1 through Sunday August 3.

In Arkansas, the sales tax holiday is that Saturday and Sunday.

In both of those states, clothing and school supplies will be tax-free during the sales tax holiday.

For a list of eligible sales tax holiday items in Arkansas, click here.

For a list of eligible sales tax holiday items in Mississippi, click here.

For a list of eligible sales tax holiday items in Tennessee, click here.

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  • Mimi Beckinridge

    It’s a whole lot of hype for not very much going on…so what if you can save around 7% on something? Just wait until it goes on sale for 30% and that’s way more exciting.

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