Teen charged with trespassing at vacant, remodeled apartment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One teen is now facing charges, and police believe there are many more suspects on the streets of Memphis, connected to vandalism at a renovated apartment complex off Raines Road.

The suspects did not take anything, but did take a sense of safety for many families with young children.

In just about every window you look, there’s a gaping hole at an apartment on Rainwood Drive.

Police say they were patrolling the Sterling Townhomes complex late Wednesday night and noticed shattered glass.

They flashed their squad car lights and heard even more glass shatter.

Detectives say Sean Williams, 18, and several other teens took off running from inside the apartment.

Neighbors like Oliver Partee stayed inside their homes with their frightened children, “I tell him those are the bad guys and they’ll get caught soon.”

Police say Williams told them he was inside smoking weed by himself.

“You always hear vacant houses being broken into and someone starting a fire. Who is to say these kids don’t break in start a fire and bam, the whole apartment complex is on fire,” said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

The neighbor says this week’s vandalism isn’t a one-time thing, the vacant apartment keeps getting hit.

“It’s annoying and scary. You don’t know what you’ll walk out to,” said the unidentified neighbor.

All throughout the complex, there are no trespassing signs alerting families and crooks that these apartments are part of the district attorney’s anti trespassing program, but neighbors fear its failing.

“Is this enough to make you want to move?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Yes! You would want to move too,” replied the neighbor.

Police say nothing was stolen.

They actually found some of William’s items left behind in the apartment.

It’s estimated the vandalism will cost about $2,300 to repair.


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