SCS hopes to avoid start of school year issues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County Schools is preparing for a new reality as it opens school doors to fewer students, fewer teachers, and new bus routes.

School board member Kevin Woods told us after the major transition of opening unified schools last summer, this year should be much easier.

“We’re going to use the data to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes we did last year,” said Woods.

Bus drivers are practicing routes a whole week before school starts to ensure there is no trouble the first day.

The district is also training new cafeteria staff and hundreds of new teachers.

“The first couple of days of school are always the toughest from an operational standpoint. We don’t think it will be perfect, but we have learned from the mistakes of last year and we expect to have a much smoother transition this year,” said Woods.

Some parents said after last year’s bus problems, which lasted weeks, they are watching closely this year.

“I think they will learn from it because it was a big hassle. I think they will be on it, at least I hope so,” said Philistine Thompson.

“The way they switched the schools around this year it will be interesting to see,” said Scott Craig.

There is still one important thing the district is trying to accomplish before school starts, but it needs help from parents and that’s school registration.

If you need to enroll your child in a new Shelby County School, don’t wait until the first day.

Registration is next Tuesday July 29 at the school your child will attend.

To register, you must show proof of residency or approved transfer.

The first day of school is August 4.