Mississippi governor refuses to house illegal immigrants


TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — The flood of children coming into the U.S. in the last several months is making national headlines.

Nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children entered the U.S. illegally in the past year, most of them from Central America. Several states remain under consideration to house many of them, including Mississippi.

Credible government sources in north Mississippi have heard talk that the former Harrah’s Hotels in Robinsonville are under consideration as holding places for them.

A Harrah’s spokesperson says he’s checking into the report.

Senatobia resident Bill Ford believes it could really happen.

“From what`s going on in other cities and other states, yes. It would scare me to know that a governor would allow it.”

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has made it clear he won’t allow it.

He wrote President Obama about it, and explained “We simply do not have the resources, the location in which to house children who come here and do not speak our language, have no relatives in Mississippi.”

Congressman Bennie Thompson also wrote the president, saying Bryant doesn’t speak for all Mississippians.

Ford said he worries about the cost to taxpayers.

“So to have them in there, it’s gonna take a great deal of effort and money and time to get all this operational, for illegals? I’ve got a very serious problem with that.”

In 2012, Bryant signed an executive order barring illegal immigrants from getting public benefits.

Ford says taxpayers should go further.

“Our best option is to stop ‘em at the border, stop ‘em on the Mississippi bridge.”

Governor Bryant hopes that won’t be necessary.


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