Mississippi governor refuses to house illegal immigrants

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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — The flood of children coming into the U.S. in the last several months is making national headlines.

Nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children entered the U.S. illegally in the past year, most of them from Central America. Several states remain under consideration to house many of them, including Mississippi.

Credible government sources in north Mississippi have heard talk that the former Harrah’s Hotels in Robinsonville are under consideration as holding places for them.

A Harrah’s spokesperson says he’s checking into the report.

Senatobia resident Bill Ford believes it could really happen.

“From what`s going on in other cities and other states, yes. It would scare me to know that a governor would allow it.”

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has made it clear he won’t allow it.

He wrote President Obama about it, and explained “We simply do not have the resources, the location in which to house children who come here and do not speak our language, have no relatives in Mississippi.”

Congressman Bennie Thompson also wrote the president, saying Bryant doesn’t speak for all Mississippians.

Ford said he worries about the cost to taxpayers.

“So to have them in there, it’s gonna take a great deal of effort and money and time to get all this operational, for illegals? I’ve got a very serious problem with that.”

In 2012, Bryant signed an executive order barring illegal immigrants from getting public benefits.

Ford says taxpayers should go further.

“Our best option is to stop ’em at the border, stop ’em on the Mississippi bridge.”

Governor Bryant hopes that won’t be necessary.



    What is happening to our country “U.S.A”? Its not that people don’t have a heart for what these people are going through but nothing is in place to help them with food, housing etc, when there are millions of U.S born children in a already over burden fostercare system with no where too go. What about them and the millions of other U.S born disadvantaged people?

  • Hard Truths

    Such FINE Christians, those folks in Mississippi.

    Why, they’re just as fine Christians as they were in the Sixties!

    • TPA

      Why don’t you then go down to the border and try and help hardtruth,,you wanna sit here and try to insult people that don’t want illegals in their state,,if you don’t then keep quiet.

    • Some People

      Fine, YOU pay for them, YOU house them, YOU educate them. What about all the kids that are already here that have no place to call home? We cannot save the world.

    • Lola

      They are great people in Mississippi and we don’t need anymore Illegals anywhere in this country. It’s not like it use to be when our ancestors came here. They learned the language and adopted the customs of our country. They also became patriots to our country. Most of the illegals and foreigners that come here now do not do this and still support their own countries. If it was to only help their families that would be one thing, but they bring drugs, gangs, and criminals in with them. I realize people look at this new development as only children ,but if you let one bunch in then you end up with more following and we have to put a stop to it somewhere. Just look at Mexico and the other S American countries,they had the same chance to work and develop their countries just like our ancestors started out doing a couple of hundred years ago. If people cannot see what has happened in these other countries and realize that if we let this continue, we will be in the same boat in another 20 years. They are able to get help that even US citizens can’t seem to get and for free. Don’t you think it is time to quit breaking the backs of our working class to support all those that have not contributed to our welfare?

  • Sally Smith

    To HARD TRUTHS: Who said anything about the “Mississippi folks” being Christians? Are you making assumptions about people you don’t know? Do you have some pre-conceived notions? You must be a racist.

  • james

    Hope he needs my needs help one day cause i can’t help fat out of shape people and by turning his back on gods people that will send him straight to HELL “and this country is supposed to found on GOD” what a joke,what a big old joke

    • Cindy Lassiter

      I guess you haven’t heard that ms is one of the poorest states ? We have a high rate of unemployment right now and the homeless shelters are full!! We need to help these people first and we can’t seem to do that!! Why bring the ones that aren’t from here and put them on the top of tne list ? The snap program has been cut in half and the Obama care that has become a law has made families have to decide if they can pay their premium or put a good meal on the table when we were as Mississippians denied Medicade expansion here because our state can not afford it!! So no they do not need to come here ! If this were another country and we crossed the boarder we would be thrown in prison ! So I don’t want to hear what kind of people we are from Mississippi when they are lucky our country doesn’t throw them in prison. But we are a country where our president sets terriost go free!!!

  • Jimbo

    I hope the ones condemning the MS. governor are the first ones to stand up and take the illegals in. You like it so much? Open your door.

  • Don

    Congressman Bennie Thompson also wrote the president, saying Bryant doesn’t speak for all Mississippians.
    Medical School Exam

    When I was young my intent was to go to medical school,
    but I was confused by the entrance exam.
    The deciding question was;
    “Re-arrange the letters P N E S I to spell out
    an important part of the human body that
    is more useful when erect.”

    Those who spelled SPINE became doctors.
    The rest are in Congress.

  • Hard Truths

    Poor Mississippians. Can’t speak English. Can’t speak Spanish. Fluent in HATE.

    Still proud of the things they did in the Sixties.

    You have SO much to be proud of, Mississippi.

    • Whatever

      We have too many children who are here legally that need help. If you want to help the illegals, go for it.
      Better yet, let them come stay in your home. Let us know how that works out.

    • langor1

      You house them then and be sure to keep them out of trouble. Here is the hard truth; we don’t have any place for unaccompanied foreign minors that have to be raised by the government until 18 then unleashed on society like a bunch of brown shirts.

    • Van Patterson

      Full of hate? Racists? Listen to yourselves!!! i for one was married to a hispanic woman for a long time. Sounds horribly racist. My best friend in the military was and still is a black woman….Yes.. so full of hate and racism. Clearly right? How about a look in the mirror? If you are one of those people casting judgement on one due to their beliefs and origin, does that not make you the one full of racism and hatred?

  • Fabon Washington

    SCS are closing some under utilized locations so why not here, We have plenty of vacant or shuttered apartment buildings for housing and the empty schools can be utilize d for education and counseling until they go back.
    I know fed dollars are still our tax dollars but if Obama is willing to pay maybe it will create a few jobs. Maybe the fed would provide additional dollars for police and fire that could be helpful.

    • Ashton Moran

      Vacant buildings? What about the water , the heat , the air, their food their clothing , and medical ? That is our tax dollars !!! AGAIN our families that are underprivileged here and homeless that are here need to come first!! No one is scrambling to find help for them!! I saw a man yesterday with a sign by the interstate that said ” will work for food, homeless “!!! Hell no !! When this man is not getting the sympathy or help as these illegals are I don’t want them here

  • Iam Aguy

    The time for America welcoming all who want to be here is over! We have way too many problems as it is: unemployment, justice system that needs a refresh, LEGAL homeless people, LEGAL children going hungry, etc.,etc. We don’t need anymore future landscapers. Send them back home and let their parents care for them. Kudo’s to the MS Governor. At least he has the guts to do and say what the majority of us want to.

    For all you that are in favor of letting the ILLEGALS in, do what all of the others on here say to do: YOU house them,YOU pay for them! Then, a year from now, tell how that’s working out for you.

    No sympathy here for ILLEGALS!

  • Rick H.

    I am sure Bennie Thompson already has several living in his house, right? typical liberal, being generous with other people’s money. I believe he should go to Hell.

  • bowles-airforce

    Hard Truths,
    Pull your head out of the sand you clueless sheep. You give the typical response of a truly ignorant person who has no knowledge of the issues or any factual evidence to support any of your claims for that matter. You scream racist. Turn off your television, think for yourself, open your mind.

  • Alyssa r bailey

    Are there not other countries that can help? Why flee here? America is not in any position to help ! The people that say we need to help have not opened their eyes and noticed that we have homeless in every state and town in America !! Where is the help for them ? America is not in a financial situation to help when they are cutting state funded programs every day for people who have lost jobs due to the economy . What about all the diseases we are all getting ready to experience ? These kids don’t have up to date shots if any at all. Small P ox will be returning or have you not heard? They bring measles with them and an out break of scabies have been running rampid among them . Are you ready to face the deadly strains of the flu that exist in their country when they cross over this winter ? If our cowardly president doesn’t stand up and start protecting our country then I give it maybe a year to crumble around us for we will be in more dept , poverty and diseases we can’t get rid of because of the illigals being housed here

  • Ashton Moran

    Why on earth would Harrahs hotel house illegals ? We have Americans lying on the sidewalks and under bridges all across America due to being homeless !!! Some have lost their children due to their situation and the illegals can come here and have a hotel to reside in with their children? I’m confused !! What I don’t understand is how can any one condemn us for not wanting illegals here in our country when we can’t help out our Americans ?

  • Versaint

    @whoever be against immigrants, legal or not! It is important to remember if by 18th century it was the period of rules for our based ancestors, by now! Where most of us would be and aware of what category of status? Then, for history: I do believe that Jean Baptiste pointe Du Sable didn’t regret for being a refugee from Haiti, afterward became the basic founder of Chicago ill. As well, Mother Mary E. Lange, first Black Nun in Baltimore. Sidney Poitier. Albert Einstein from Hamburg, Germany in 1933, just six years later he personally wrote a letter to the U. S. president, Delano Roosvelt to provide an operating system for the nation then faced the World War II. Formerly, Joe Gaetjens had saved the US football in the Mondial Cup in nineteen fifty. For example, Annie Moore, the first person in the line on opening day of the new immigration station at Ellis Island. That day Jan. I, 1892, happened to be her 15 birthday (1892) —– Colin Powell’s Parents from Jamaica as well, and of course, the unforgettable Haitian soldiers at Savannah, GA. Where their strategy and their blood made the difference all through the 19th century, for the freedom of America over the British army, so on and on! According the olden times, the mean reason the melting pot became what it is in our glowing days because it had been built by the human synthesis. Therefore folks! Do not play the game of politicians. Subsequently, they are only ones who know the real cause that issue has been brought then; and most of ‘them’ belong to the migrant roots.

    • Ashton Moran

      So what !! Again !! These are different times you dimwit!!! We are not the land of opportunity any longer !! Again!! We can’t help the homeless here !!! This is my point and every one else that has a problem with it!! We have to put our fellow Americans first !! Sorry !! But that’s the way it is!!

  • Katelyn Abercrombie

    I can’t believe the insanity that is happening at our borders ! I DO blame it on our president! America was a strong country before he was in office and we are becoming a laughing joke! These country’s know he does nothing and that’s why they are coming!!! Drop them off in front of the White House and lets see what happens then!! What kind of instructions has Obama given border patrol ? Why do we need them? They are loading them up in government vehicles!! Taking them to shelters here then distributing them to other states for their tax dollars now will help support them? You idiots that say let them come I guess you don’t care that your taxes will go way up or a disease you might catch can’t be cured or you might be laid off a job and need public assistance well now you will go on the bottom of the list if that happens because the illegals will go to the top! In fact they will run out of funds for that . SEND THEM BACK

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