Families at war in what neighbors call a “Hatfields and McCoys” battle

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Families are at war in southwest Memphis neighborhood. Some are even calling it a modern day Hatfields and McCoys battle.

Police arrested a man they say shot at his neighbor over his tall grass.

Darrel Brock is facing an aggravated assault charge, but his wife says her husband was the one being threatened.

Steve Bush lives on Tulip Road, and said Brock and his neighbors across the street never got along. Tuesday night, it took a dangerous turn.

"The guy came from behind his house, and he had a pistol," Bush said of Brock. "I heard a shot."

Bush said his family has lived on Tulip Road for generations. Almost the whole street is related. So when Brock moved in, so did trouble.

Bush said Brock put up cameras and no trespassing signs and was anything but friendly.

"He just wants to take control," Bush said. "The kids can't play in the street, and he doesn't even want you walking by his house."

Police said Brock shot at his neighbor, Toney Harris, Tuesday night and threatened to kill him. They said the argument started when Brock complained about Harris' grass being too long.

Harris then went to the yard next to Brock's to see if he could find any code violations to report.

"That's the way it is...The Hatfields and the McCoys," Bush said of the two families.

Brock's wife insists her husband never filed a complaint, and he fired a warning shot into the air when Harris' family got too close to their property and made threats.

She said they just want to be left alone, but Bush says he doesn't see a cease fire coming any time soon.

"If it continues like this, he really needs to just pack up and leave," he said of Brock.

Brock's bond was set at $40,000. He has a court date Thursday morning.


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