Competition features real-life shooter scenarios

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COMO, Miss. -- The DeSoto Rifle & Pistol club is set up as a special kind of shooting range for this weekend. It’s staged to recreate real life situations like a robbery or a home invasion.

It’s the kind of thing that took the life of Kent Smith. He lost his life in a gunfight with a suspected robber last weekend in Southeast Memphis.

It’s also the kind of thing that brings people in to Jane Dabbs’ gun store.

”Absolutely, and most of the time it’s when something has already happened and they want to protect themselves.”

This weekend, experts and the public will get the chance to compete in real life scenarios in an event in Como, sponsored by the International Defense Pistol Association.

”There’s a lot of people that carry a concealed firearm and never have the opportunity to actually use out of the holster and get on target and practice putting shots accurately on the target,” said John Koch, of the DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club.

The event starts Friday with experts, and opens for public competition on Saturday.

More than one hundred people from across Mississippi will gather here this weekend to compete at several different skill levels.

”The competition is important because it helps us practice the skills that we need if we do have to defend ourselves or somebody else on the street or in the house,” said Koch.

And that’s just the kind of thing Dabbs wishes more of her customers could take advantage of.

”Absolutely. I wish they would do it more places.”

Others apparently agree. Participants from as far away as Alabama, Louisiana and Texas will also compete here this weekend.