Woman receives happy surprise after terrifying dentist visit

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Bad things happen to good people way too often, but this week's Pass It On touched us because what happened to the recipient of our $600 gift is so unusual.

She went to the dentist to get some teeth pulled, and the next thing she knew, an ambulance was taking her to the hospital, where she stayed for the next several days.

Anyone who's in the restaurant business knows something about Sysco. Playmaker Irene Turner has worked for the giant food service supply company for 35 years.

She wants to pass it on to a co-worker, Cassie Scales

Irene admitted she's uniquely qualified to keep tabs on her co-workers.

"Fortunately, I'm the receptionist here and I hear a lot of things that go on and when I heard about this, it devastated me."

Devastated in part, because, "she still has that tooth that needs to be pulled but she can't find a dentist that will do it for her."

With a husband and two kids at home, the medical bills are mounting fast.

Cassie was a bit shy when Irene went to Pass It On, but when co-workers stepped up with $100 more, she was even more overwhelmed.

Cassie's gone to several specialists, numerous CTs, MRIs and MRVs, and doctors still don't know what happened. She says allergists are scared to test her for fear she'll end up in the hospital again. She had two wisdom teeth pulled when her face started reacting, and still hasn't had the third one pulled.


  • Olivia Brooke Jones

    I had an awful experience at a local food chain that caused me to have a root canal. I have lost 5 front teeth and now have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia which is actually trigeminal nerve damage/injury. Trusting the dental professionals in this town was a HUGE mistake. Now I have to seek dental help from out of town because no one wants to get involved because of the dental work that was performed on me. I’ve spent over 10,000.00 out of pocket. Insurance will not pay for implants- can’t wear my flipper nor can I get a bridge. What a mess they have made.

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