Pregnant woman killed, boyfriend decapitated after Craigslist meeting


WYOMING, Mich. — Police say a case they are investigating in Michigan is one of the most brutal they’ve ever seen.

Brooke Slocum, who was 18 and 8-months pregnant, was found strangled after reportedly being held captive by Brady Oerstrike.

Police say the two met via Craigslist and set up a rendezvous for sex where Slocum’s boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, was to be present.

Slocum’s body was found in the trunk of Oerstrike’s car.

Oppenneer’s body was found in a park with his head missing.

A chase involving police and Oerstrike ended with him taking his own life.

WXMI-TV reports police found, ‘restraints, dozens of firearms, knives, and a collection of electronics that included computers, camera and monitoring devices.”




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