SCLC endorses sales tax to help City of Memphis employees

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is endorsing a half-cent sales tax to help pay for a jump in healthcare costs of for city employees.

Dr. Lasimba Grey of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition said, "In previous years we have been able to represent the concerns of the people. This is doing something when doing nothing is not an option."

City workers are angry over a 24 percent increase in health care benefits, and eliminating all benefits for some retirees.

Last week, Mayor A C Wharton said he does not endorse a sales tax hike to raise the money, but today said he knows something must be done.

The mayor said a church was a great place for this conversation.

"There was nobody making a show, using bad language or trying to say shocking things. It's much more conducive to meditating, contemplating and listening."

The so-called Blue Flu and Red Rash appear to be over, and both unions say they're happy to see everyone's back on the job keeping the public safe.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference brought all sides to the table Tuesday.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams said there's still a long way to go.

"A lot of people say it looks like the movement is fading. No. Sometimes you have to step back and strategize."

Williams and the SCLC want to see this tax help pay for benefits, and pay off the city's debt. While no one from the council was inside Tuesday's meeting to hear the proposal, they can expect to hear all about it.

Rev. Montgomery said, "We will be going to them with this proposal and we want to get this done."

Montgomery plans to spread the word of support with 450 ministers at the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association next week.


  • impulse item

    Somebody else should pay for city employees health care. I thought Obama was gonna fix everything.

  • Tommy

    Mr. (I refuse to call anyone who is not a physician Dr.) Grey is a racist. Let us not forget his comments supporting Ms. Brooks. This confirms to me the AC must go,. If you continue to socialize and support a known racist that is enough for me. Hey AC, why not talk to some Ph.D economists about this situation instead of some racist religious nutjobs.

    • takenobull

      Cary Christians should care about what the their church says about government matters. It was the government who hung Jesus on a cross to suffer a horrendous death. It was the government who told children to deny God as a fairy tale in schools and we now have about three to four killings a week by young people. Those of us who seek our leadership from “people” in government instead of God’s word are the ones who are the fools.

  • Brian

    Cut the hør$e$h1+ spending and then come back to us if you need more money. Bunch of no-talent @$$c10wn$.

  • lawman

    Memphis Government is top heavy. Eliminate or cut the Mayors 200 appointed position salaries. Starting with Mr. Little. Return the Mayors leased Cadillac and paid driver. Cut Commissioner salary from $30,000.00 to $10,000.00. Form one government. There is no justification to have a city Mayor and a County Mayor and two separate councils.

    • takenobull

      Lawman—- it was reported on TV that there are 400 appointed positions most at 80,000 a year. Its called taking care of friends and family. Wonder what 400 X 80,000 is lol======== 32,000,000 dollars :)

      • lawman

        I hate that change will not come until 2015. The year we turn off the AC. You are correct with the 400 appointed positions but this group would only find ways to blow through the funds.

  • Fabon Washington

    The SCLC took care of a leader once before when he got more powerful than the group so let hope they take care of this idiot.

    No increase in tax is acceptable and certainly not one that effects the poorest amoung us.

    Real leadership comes from real leaders, that’s not A.C. or the SCLC or anyone on our city council; wow how depressing was that realization.

  • lawman

    Once again, Religion should not be used for political gain. What is it worth to gain the world and loose you soul?

  • lawman

    ShelbyCountySchool is requesting payment rightfully owed to Memphis City schools. Makes no sense to request tax when months later the city will be asking for more once the city looses its appeal to pay back Shelby County Schools. This is so painful to endure. TBI Memphis is in distress.

  • Ron

    You cannot tax your way out of every fiscal problem! Wharton needs to surround himself with better equipped financial experts. Wharton is the perfect example of not everyone who wants to lead can lead. Pass the touch Mr. Wharton to someone with a fiscal background.

  • Linda Homer

    Boy oh boy! Never saw this coming ! AC just needs to move them to Obamacare & medicare… save millions for the city.

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