Neighbors protest Olive Branch area warehouse project

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- A packed meeting room met DeSoto supervisors as they considered a proposed warehouse development in what’s now a residential and agricultural area just east of Olive Branch.

Thomas Hughes described in colorful detail what he saw as the impact of the proposed Legacy warehouse project on nearby roads.

”Every time I look at this it looks like a herniated disc, all puffed out and everything and that’s a very good analogy of what’s going on here.”

Hillwood Constuciton wants to build it’s warehouse park on 200 acres at Goodman and Polk Roads.

Representatives say Legacy will boost the local economy.

”The demand is absolutely there for this.”

And Hillwood says Legacy will be a good neighbor.

Developers say the project will have landscaping to buffer it from the surrounding residential areas… but neighbors fear a proliferation of warehouses and the traffic that comes with it.

They also fear a drop in property values, but Hillwood says that won’t happen.

”This will not stifle local development, nor will it drive your property values down.”

But with numerous subdivisions surrounding the project and three schools, these people say the increased truck traffic is something they don’t want.

”Obviously the aim is to attract trucks and that’s what we have a problem with,” said Hughes.

In the end, supervisors voted to table the matter until their next meeting on August 4th.