Meeting scheduled to unite city and public safety

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Reverend Dwight Montgomery and members of his charge are hard at work preparing for ministers, the mayor, police, and fire to share lunch and ideas.

The meeting’s goal is to bring about a healing, and end the disagreement over benefit cuts for city employees.

“We are men of faith, we believe we can get this matter resolved,” said Montgomery.

His goal is to restore benefits for city workers and find some other way to pay for it. He says if that means upping the sales tax, that's where he can help.

“I think if pastors can determine that's good, we can get the vote out and we can get it passed,” he added.

It's not all just pie in the sky. During the 1978 strike by police and firefighters, ministers played a key role in not just getting the two sides together, but also hammering out a deal.

Montgomery says this situation isn't nearly as volatile, but both sides must stop the name-calling, and just work for a solution.

“We can't put all the fault on mayor, city council. Lets all bear the burden and resolve the problem so our city can be looked at as a great city,” said Montgomery.


  • Dr. JohnS

    Montgomery may I propose you pay taxes on what your church collects every Sunday and get the others to do the same. We would certainly have more money in the city coffers and the burden would not be placed on the poor.

  • Derby

    We can’t blame the mayor and city council????? They spend hundreds of millions of tax dollarsfor pet projects so that their friends and family can get PAID off of contract work. Everybody knows this who isnt sleeping til noon. Then they try to ROB the police again and wonder why they’re going to Texas.
    We’retired of the emporer and his new clothes. NOW GO AND PREACH THAT!

  • Gonebabygone

    At least this time they are considering one that won’t fall entirely on the backs of homeowners. Sales tax is really the only way to ensure that everyone has some skin in the game.

    It still won’t stop what Strickland called the #1 problem Memphis has however. Population loss. Those who can afford it and whom Memphis can least afford to lose continue to leave. This city has become well-versed in subsidizing poverty and social ineptitude. When will it start subsidizing wealth and successful lifestyles instead?

    • Bill Zebub

      I am begging you, my Master, our Masters don’t beats us( raise out taxes) again. Please Master, don’t! please!

  • Bill Zebub

    Ministers, Preachers, Pastors, Politicians, Policemen and Firemen, gonna get together and figure out how to screw us some more. Leave us alone you pathetic animals.

  • Signul Z

    We will leave you alone and you can take care of any police/fire/medical problems yourself. We are not the ones in this city that behave like pathetic animals. That is some of our customers.

    • Gonebabygone

      Nor are the people here who actually pay the bills. They are leaving and leaving behind a population that pays little but uses a lot. This is the reality and these people will soon become the sole source of support for your pay and benefits.

      Detroit’s retirees just agreed to a 90% benefit reduction. Non- police and fire will also see a near 5% pension check reduction with no future COI increases. Police and fire had their COI increases dropped to 1% per year. This is where Memphis is headed if politics don’t change and the takers aren’t held responsible for their behavior. The producers have the money to leave and are doing just that.

  • A citizen

    I have to agree with Signul. I sometimes imagine police/fire as working in customer service…. where every customer is a piece of s***

    • donaknowsitall

      Agree. I have never had to call the police, or the fire dept or EMS. I live in pretty nice neigborhood where neigbors keep their yards clean and kept up nicely, the children can play in their yards without worries pretty much. I have house, car, life and health insurance. I work and so does my spouse. My children are grown with collage educations and good jobs. I pay into my own pension plan through my work. I am a law-abiding citizan. I don’t hurt anybody. My parents instilled values, work ethic and morales. I look at the city I call home and get more and more disgusted every day.

  • lawman

    Religion and politics should never be used together. I believe someone is looking for personal gain. We have corruption in the church house. Memphis has wolves in sheep clothing.
    What profits a man to gain the world and loose his soul.

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