Meeting scheduled to unite city and public safety

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Reverend Dwight Montgomery and members of his charge are hard at work preparing for ministers, the mayor, police, and fire to share lunch and ideas.

The meeting’s goal is to bring about a healing, and end the disagreement over benefit cuts for city employees.

“We are men of faith, we believe we can get this matter resolved,” said Montgomery.

His goal is to restore benefits for city workers and find some other way to pay for it. He says if that means upping the sales tax, that’s where he can help.

“I think if pastors can determine that’s good, we can get the vote out and we can get it passed,” he added.

It’s not all just pie in the sky. During the 1978 strike by police and firefighters, ministers played a key role in not just getting the two sides together, but also hammering out a deal.

Montgomery says this situation isn’t nearly as volatile, but both sides must stop the name-calling, and just work for a solution.

“We can’t put all the fault on mayor, city council. Lets all bear the burden and resolve the problem so our city can be looked at as a great city,” said Montgomery.


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