Items taken from Community Center found at home across the street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -  Police said two teens and a juvenile were caught red-handed with TVs stolen from the Hamilton Community Center.

Jamarco Tyms and Marquaviou Byrd are both facing charges of burglary.

A 16-year-old, who was with them, was also arrested.

The director of the community center told police someone broke in through a back door and took three large flat-screen TVs and three Xboxes.

Investigators said the thieves didn't get very far.

People in the neighbor called police and told them they saw some young men running through the neighborhood with flat-screen TVs.

Tyms, Byrd and the juvenile were arrested at a house just across the street from the community center.

A man at the home told police they were trying to sell him the TVs.

"It's really bad. Anybody stealing today is really bad," said Vivian Wright.

Neighbors said they were glad people were looking out for the neighbor and can't believe teens would essentially steal from other kids at the community center.

"I think it's not right what they did that. They shouldn't do that to the children because they go there and play all the time," said Eisha Husband.

Police recovered the TVs, but no word on the gaming systems.


  • JMemphis

    So… anyone else wondering why on earth taxpayer money is being used to buy Xboxes for the community centers? Perhaps we can try replacing them with books or something archaic like that with less resale value…

    • JMemphis

      A fair enough question, to which I don’t have the answer. Any idea of where I could track down that info? I’ve just seen a trend of our community centers becoming MTV Cribs style community babysitters while the same city shuts down neighborhood libraries. I will openly admit that I am jaded and that likely clouded my fact-finding and pushed me into assumptions.

      • Keisha

        I would love to know exactly which community centers are you speaking of that are styled like MTV Cribs. I’ve visited several around the city and majority of them are NOT. All buildings are not afforded weight rooms, pools, or even tvs in some UNLESS they were purchased by the neighborhood association/booster club. You should definitely go search out your facts.

    • Gerry

      These mothers don’t have the capacity to think or they would join a civilized society and close their legs for a while instead of laying in the middle of the street with them spread and inviting anyone to partake all at the hard working taxpayers expense.

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