Election results for the May 22nd Arkansas Primary

Early voting expands this week in Memphis & Shelby County

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- From downtown Memphis and throughout Shelby County, people such as Vicki Jamieson are already flexing their political muscle at the polls.

"We wanted to vote early to beat the long lines and we did it," Jamieson said.

Early voting has expanded from the Election Commission headquarters on Poplar to 20 other satellite sites, including the White Station Church of Christ in East Memphis to Anointed Temple of Praise on Riverdale in Southeast Shelby County.

Roberta Strasberg voted early. She said the process worked out well for all voters and those with disabilities.

"I'm delighted. I was going to make it out here. But they make it easy for you," Strasberg said.

People such as Sandy Carter are making their decision on one of the longest ballots ever in Shelby County.

"It is very long.  It does take time. You have to take time to read it and do your homework before you come in," Carter said.

The ballot consists of contested races for county mayor, sheriff, district attorney general, as well as for juvenile court judge and the Democratic  Congressional primary. There are also statewide primary ballots for U.S. senate and primary races for the Tennessee legislature.

Robert Meyers is the Shelby County Election Commission Chairman.

"If you're ready and anticipating the position that's on the ballot for you and you know who you're going to vote for and not vote for, the process will go a lot faster for you ad keep the lines down for your neighbors." Meyers said.

It's a process that the Election Commission says has had few problems so far.

"So far today I haven't heard of any serious problems, nothing systemic or would cause me a lot of heartburn," Meyers said.

Early voting ends on August 2. Election day in Memphis and Shelby County is August 7.