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Shelby County Commission approves $3 mil for pre-k

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County Commission has voted to use $3 million in surplus funds to fund pre-k education.

The money will be overseen by non-profit Shelby County Schools Education Foundation, not Shelby County Schools.

The foundation will charge around $150,000 for an administrative fee.

"There has been so many times in the past where we have given [SCS} money, and they used it for other things," said Commissioner Terry Roland.

Mayor Mark Luttrell said it is the only way to make sure the money goes to early education.

"That is the greatest guarantee that you are going to get, and quite frankly, it would be a rock-solid guarantee," he said.

Even though Commissioner Walter Bailey voted for the plan, he said the commission should have more faith in the school system.

"I find it really resentful that we look at that professional organization with disdain and contempt," he said.

SCS will still use the same curriculum.

The money can be used immediately, but will only be used in the district.

It is not reoccurring. The county commission said if it has extra money next year, they will look into putting it towards pre-k.

WREG contacted SCS and every board member to ask how the money would be spent, but only board member Chris Caldwell got back to us saying it would create up to 25 new classrooms and allow up to 500 children to join the program.

The vote was 7-3 with an additional three commissioners recusing themselves.

Commissioners Ford, Thomas and Billingsley voted against the plan.


  • donaknowsitall

    Why is it that Memphis thinks using surplus funds for Pre-K is a good idea? These funds could go to fighting the crime that is ruining this area.
    Heres a thought: Why not let the parents teach their children what Pre-K would?
    Another thought: Have parents/guardians pay to have their child attend Pre-K, similiar to a Child Care Center?
    Remember that our children are our responsibility. If we breed them we need to feed them, this includes feed them with the tools they will need to be contibuting members of society.

    • Low Profile

      True. And it doesn’t matter what hand society plays in childhood development when the kids go home (or to the streets) every day to a no-holds-barred, free-for-all existence that unravels any good done by third parties.

  • Low Profile

    And next they’ll raise property taxes AGAIN to take care of pensions. These people need to handle BASIC priorities and obligations before they start throwing money elsewhere instead. Geez.

  • Elwood Suggins

    Pre-K is smoke and mirrors. My daughter could say the alphabet and count at 3. She could write her name and give you address and phone number by 4. Personal responsibility. If a child shows up the first day of school and can’t do the above charge the parents with child neglect and take the child from the home. If a child shows up and says I’m hungry charge the parents with child neglect. Then take the child from the home and stop the monthly check

    • Terrie

      Excellent post Elwood. I agree totally. Memphis committies do not have the nads to stand up to the corrupted ones. For that Im moving out!!! Spend MY $$ where they appreciate it!

  • DetlaEB

    Use that money elsewhere. Parents should teach their children at home- I never attended kindergarten. I could count, knew by ABCs and manners at home by my parents and grandparents and I did just fine in school. Now it seems it does Take a Village to raise a child. No one wants to be bothered teaching anymore – I could say a lot more about this but I’ll just let it be. Use that money elsewhere. And don’t bring children into the world if you cannot provide for them.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    What a joke,,this scam is for the welfare queens to drop off their kids during the day so they don’t have to take care of them so they can lay on the couch all day and watch t.v.

  • TPA

    Well sure the commission passed it,,look at all the money they can extort. Memphis’s only rival in corruption is Chicago and we all know that is where that RAT-EARED commie community agitator got his start from.

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